Dennis Klaaijsen: the windsurfing marathonist

Dennis Klaaijsen has improved his world record for the longest non-stop 24-hour windsurfing marathon.

The Dutch windsurfer sailed 728 kilometers (393 nautical miles) around Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Klaaijsen decided to start the challenge in the Grevelingen lake, just like he did last year.

Twelve months ago, Dennis Klaaijsen was able to sail 613.8 kilometers (331.4 nautical miles) to set a new Guinness World Record. This time he improved his own mark by more than 115 kilometers (62 nautical miles).

"Last year I made 630 kilometers in 24 hours, but I knew someone could do it. My closest competitor is an Australian with 550 kilometers. It is still a big difference," says Klaaijsen.

The 39-year-old windsurfer will now take a break from Guinness World Record attempts. "I am not planning to give it another try. Now the ball is in other's court."

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Morgan Noireaux: he won't forget Punta San Carlos | Photo: Si Crowther/AWT

Morgan Noireaux has conquered the Quatro Desert Showdown 2014, in Punta San Carlos, Baja, Mexico.

The American Windsurfing Tour season has passed the halfway mark. The Mexican stop brought the magical head-to-logo waves to the iconic Punta San Carlos point break.

Noireaux was sitting in fourth place in the overall rankings with 10000 points. A victory would mean doubling the score and climbing up the leaderboard.


Windsurfing warm-up: get those muscles ready for shakas | Photo: Carter/PWA World Tour

Warming up improves muscle reaction time, as it increases both the speed and the force of muscle contractions. Windsurfer and health promoter Henrik Beyer leaves us a few simple, yet effective exercises.

This is especially valuable for windsurfers as they constantly manage sudden movements and unexpected situations as well as occasional wipeouts that are natural parts of sailing.

"Improved muscle reaction time may be crucial for performance when little stands between success and failure when windsurfing," underlines Henrik Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing."