Julien Quentel: gybing for glory | Photo: PWA/Carter

Julien Quentel has won the first PWA World Tour stage of his windsurfing career, after a dramatic finish at the 2014 Pegasus Airlines Alacati PWA World Cup, in Turkey.

The windsurfer from Saint Maarten had all the pressure on his side. After failing to advance from heat nine with a poor start, Quental was at the hands of Antoine Albeau, who only needed to finish fourth in the winners' final.

Surprisingly, the "French Bullet" missed the opportunity and failed to reach the semifinals. Julien Quentel was ready to celebrate a maiden victory in the pro windsurfing circuit.


Atlantic.: a windsurfing love movie

The Portuguese and the Spaniards were the first Atlantic Ocean explores. Back then, the Sea of Atlas was an immense secret, an incommensurable treasure. Today, the Atlantic is the center stage for personal adventures, too.

Jan-Willem van Ewijk, the director behind "Atlantic.," has filmed the story of a young Moroccan windsurfer who decides to embark on a solitary windsurfing voyage to Europe.

Fettah Lamara has a strong drive. He fell in love with Alexandra, a beautiful European woman, and he will not rest until he finds his passion in the Old Continent.


Windsurfing: perform better when you're over 40 | Photo: NeilPryde

The oblique muscles are important for spine health and core stability and strength. Health promoter and windsurfer Henrik Beyer shows us an effective exercise for over 40 windsurfers.

Age-related loss of muscle mass, strength and functionality is natural part of the ageing process and it's commonly called "sarcopenia".

"Sarcopenia" generally appears after 30 or 40 years of age depending on gender and other known and unknown factors. Research shows that physical inactivity is a contributing factor to "sarcopenia".