Windsurfing warm-up: get those muscles ready for shakas | Photo: Carter/PWA World Tour

Warming up improves muscle reaction time, as it increases both the speed and the force of muscle contractions. Windsurfer and health promoter Henrik Beyer leaves us a few simple, yet effective exercises.

This is especially valuable for windsurfers as they constantly manage sudden movements and unexpected situations as well as occasional wipeouts that are natural parts of sailing.

"Improved muscle reaction time may be crucial for performance when little stands between success and failure when windsurfing," underlines Henrik Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing."


Ricardo Campello: the flying machine at Siam Park | Photo: Carter/PWA World Tour

Professional tow-in windsurfing is back in the spotlight. Ricardo Campello proved that artificial waves are the perfect ramps for wind acrobats, in the blue lagoon of the Siam Park, in Tenerife.

The 2014 Dunkerbeck Eyewear Tow-In Exhibition invited the top eight sailors, plus three wildcards, to showcase their aerial arsenal in front of hundreds of spectators.

There were remarkable rotations, painful-looking crashes, near-misses with the wall, and super high jumps with the precious assistance of a jet ski. After the early rounds, Campello, Robby Swift and Leon Jamaer moved to the final.


Levi Siver: mast-high bottom turn | Photo: Si Crowther/AWT

Levi Siver delivered a spectacular wave sailing show to clinch the Pacasmayo Classic 2014, in Peru.

The Pro finals got underway in impeccable swell conditions, with mast-high waves rolling through the Peruvian surfing arena. The final had Kevin Pritchard and Levi Siver fighting for points and prize money, in a nerve-racking 30-minute clash.

Siver opened Pacasmayo Classic 2014 showdown with a fantastic ride scored at 8.60, but Pritchard wasn't ready to give up. He kept improving his overall score, until Levi decided to complete one of the best waves of the contest - an 8.60-point ride in his last attempt.