El Yaque: an uncrowded day in Venezuela

El Yaque Beach, one of the most famous windsurfing spots in the world, is becoming a party destination full of drunken tourists and gee-strings.

Located on the south Margarita Island, in Venezuela, El Yaque Beach was the perfect windsurfing destination. Trade winds blowing steadily at 20 knots throughout the year, beautiful sandy strips, warm water and an exotic Caribbean vibe.

Fifteen years ago, you could easily count more than 500 windsurfers sailing in the region. Unfortunately things have changed, and El Yaque is no longer a windsurfing paradise.


Sean O'Brien: 7th Australian Formula Windsurfing title

Sean O'Brien recaptured the Australian Formula Windsurfing title, after an action-packed 11 races taking place at Georges River Sailing Club, in Sydney.

O'Brien clinched the seventh Australian Formula Windsurfing title of his career during the 2014 Downunder Pro, an event won by Jesper Vesterstrom by a very narrow margin.

With three races scheduled on the last day, and with Vesterstrom winning the first of the morning in relatively light winds, Sean O'Brien needed to dig deep in the second race to have a chance to come back.


Peter Volwater: he nows what starboard means

Peter Volwater has joined the Starboard windsurfing team.

The versatile Dutchman will be sailing with iSonics under his feet and KA sails in his hands. He has just finished third in the Lancelin Ocean Classic marathon with his new equipment.

"I will continue to pursue my ambition to win PWA races and also to defend the Dutch National title. I'm training and preparing for it here in Margaret River, Western Australia at the moment", says Peter Volwater.