Waterstart: an intermediate windsurfing skill | Photo: howtowindsurf101.com

The waterstart is an intermediate skill in modern windsurfing. Fast progressing beginners will rapidly feel the need to eliminate the hassle of uphauling.

Waterstarting is easy. It only requires training and winds blowing in the 10-knot range and above. It has very little to do with your blasting ability. You may waterstart on any board, but it will be especially useful if you're on a short board.

The windsurfing waterstart is basically a deep water beach start, where the power of the wind lifts you up onto the board, rather than stepping up onto it. You should train the waterstart in shoulder-depth water.


Cesme, Turkey: a perfect playground for RS:X windsurfers | Photo: Vincenzo Baglione

The 2014 RS:X European Windsurfing Championships have kicked off in Cesme, Turkey.

A total of 227 windsurfers from all continents are gathered in one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey for a very important event.

With 39 nations are represented, there are 81 men and 52 women in the Senior division, and 67 boys and 27 girls in the Youth division. The opening day saw 16-knot winds blowing over the choppy waves of the Aegean Sea.


Kiri Thode: breaking the law of gravity

Kiri Thode and Sarah-Quita Offringa have been crowned King and Queen of the Caribbean, after winning the 2014 PWA Bonaire World Cup.

The final day of competition saw light winds hitting the acrobatics arena. In the Men's division, and after having defeated Steven Van Broeckhoven and Amado Vrieswijk, Jose "Gollito" Estredo was the only person standing in the way of Kiri Thode.

In the super final, the Venezuelan was couldn't stop Thode from claiming the double elimination, and the overall event rankings. The Bonairean claimed the first victory of the year.