Los Roques: Jose Estredo waits for the wind

Los Roques, in Venezuela, is a windsurfing paradise. Here, winds are steady and constant, almost all-year round. But when there's no wind, you've got plane propellers.

Welcome to Los Roques, the largest marine park in the Caribbean located 320 kilometers (200 miles) off the north coast of Venezuela. From December to June, the archipelago tastes trade winds of up to 25 knots.

The average wind at Los Roques is of 18 knots, so you rarely have problems sailing the breathtaking blue waters. Windsurfers are able to train and relax in any island of the archipelago.

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34th Singapore Open: RS:One action | Photo: Howie

Cheng Kwok Fai has been crowned the 2015 RS:One Men's Asian champion, in Singapore, proving he is one of the strongest windsurfers in the world right now.

Despite the massive wind shifts and gusts, the 34th Singapore Open RS:One Asian Windsurfing Championship, sailors took home their titles in the RS:One, RS:X and Techno 293 classes. A total of 100 windsurfers from 10 countries participated in the event.

The 2014 RS:One Men's world champion Cheng Kwok Fai, from Hong Kong, proved to be unbeatable, bagging the title with ten wins in 12 races. In the Women's division, China's Li Xiaoyan extended her lead over Ngai Wai Yan to take home the RS:One Women's Asian champion title.

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Speed windsurfing: learn to sail fast | Photo: Luderitz Speed Challenge

How much weight can you get off the board? The secret of speed windsurfing is to behave like a feather over a board. To get things started, just ride the smallest windsurf kit in the flattest waters possible.

Windsurfers can easily reach 30 knots in almost any gear, but you have to make sure your windsurf sail, board and fins are finely tuned. Training is learning, so start your speed tests in low-to-medium wind conditions.

In speed sailing, details matter. Minor changes in the boom, battens, mast extension, mast base, clew and outhaul will determine the overall performance under the clock or GPS device. Every speed sailing spot has its best wind angles. Write them down on a notepad so that you learn from your past experiences.

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