Kaido World Performance 2014: wave windsurfing showdown in Japan

Alex Mussolini has claimed the Kaido World Performance 2014, at Omaezaki Long Beach, in Japan.

Some of the best wave windsurfers in the world had the opportunity to train their skills and maneuvers in the strong coastal winds of the in Shizuoka region.

With winds hitting 35 knots, windsurfers put out a terrific display of talent and creativity. The event puts Japanese riders against an international roster of highly competitive wave performers.


Cold Hawaii: a truly competitive windsurf spot

The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2014 will return to the professional windsurfing circuit.

Thanks to the massive local support, Denmark's most prestigious windsurfing event is back in the 2014 calendar. Thisted Forsikring, a local and acknowledged Danish insurance company, and Thy-Mors HF & VUC, a local institution of education, are the main sponsors.

Last but not least, representatives from four Cold Hawaii towns are participating alongside Friends of Cold Hawaii, organizer of the event, in the daily work of finding more local advertisers for the event.


Ploof Windpark Challenge 2014: homemade freestyle ramp

Arnaud Levillain has taken out the Ploof Windpark Challenge 2014, in Guadeloupe.

Twelve local windsurfers gathered for a unique competition. In the Ploof Windpark Challenge, riders must execute extraordinary maneuvers in less than three minutes.

Despite the light wind conditions, windsurfers were able to delight spectators with a great freestyle show, as they got towed by a jet ski and jumped the ramp built for the occasion.