New Zealand: sailing in the windiest city in the world | Photo: Isaac Spedding

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and the windiest city in the world, is inviting all windsurfers for the Eastbourne Slalom Plus 2015, to be held between December 5th-6th.

Eastbourne is a small community across the harbor from Wellington City, which has an average wind speed of 16 knots. In its windiest year, it had 233 days of winds reaching gale force or beyond.

The event itself is relatively informal, with two days of figure 8 slalom races, as well as plenty of social activities. It does attract some of the top Kiwi slalom windsurfers from around New Zealand who are keen to test themselves for the National event in Christchurch, in January 2016.

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Kevin Pritchard: he scored the biggest aerial of the competition | Photo: Luckybeanz/AWT

Kevin Pritchard has conquered the 2015 Baja Desert Showdown, at Punta San Carlos, in Mexico.

The fourth stop on the American Windsurfing Tour has crowned a Pro champion in the last and decisive day of the waiting period. The four-man final included Kevin McGillivray, Ian Mouro, Boujmaa Guilloul and Pritchard.

There were plenty of head-to-half mast high waves to be ridden. Mouro started well and found a couple of seven-point waves. Guilloul answered with a rail grab aerial, flowing turns and two more aerials.

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Alastair McLeod: controlling fear at Pedra Branca | Photo: Carey/Red Bull

Alastair McLeod has become the first ever windsurfer to ride the monster waves of Pedra Branca, in Tasmania, Australia.

The intrepid sailor guided into the massive wave faces by Marti Paradisis and his crew. His first attempt almost ended up in tragedy. McLeod could not control the rig and wiped out. Timing is key to success, but when you've got a big sail, it's never easy.

Alastair wanted to take off deeper, but the wind conditions didn't allow him to do it. The Australian rode four waves, each one bigger than the last.

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