The Original Windsurfer: a fierce competition in Huntington Lake, California, October, 1976 | Photo:

The Original Windsurfer was born in the 1960s. One day in January 1967, at a cocktail party in Pacific Palisades, sailor Jim Drake and surfer Hoyle Schweitzer started talking about combining sailing and surfing. After hearing them for a while, Diane - Hoyle's wife - challenged both brains to act and do something.

Eight months later, Diane set up an official launch party to discuss the new prototype, which included a boom, five boards, fittings, a daggerboard, and a mast. But Jim and Hoyle had already tested it. It failed. But the party was a success.

Apparently, and with a mast was fixed to the board, it was difficult to get on and sail away. When the board was flat, the sail was standing. It was quite clear that there was something missing.

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Forward loop in windsurfing: jump, look back and oversheet | Photo: Carter/PWA

The forward loop is one of the most important maneuvers in windsurfing.

The forward rotation is an intermediate-to-advanced move, so you need to master the art of planing, sailing upwind and controlling the rig.

The forward loop can be done in all types of conditions. You can pull it in flat water or in the waves. We will guide you how to perform it in the waves because ramps help us complete the movement.

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Peter Volwater: we will miss your smile | Photo: Carter/PWA

Peter Volwater has passed away at 40. He was not able to overcome a profound depression.

The windsurfing world is in a state of shock. Dutch super star Peter Volwater (H-24) has joined the gallery of sports icons who have left us too early.

Volwater was born on the 22nd May 1975, in Purmerend near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He started windsurfing in the late 1980s, and never stopped pursuing his dream of becoming a pro. He competed while studying and serving in the military for seven months.

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