Windsurfing schools: learn how to rig a sail, and master the art of sailing

Do you want to learn how to windsurf? Discover your nearest windsurf school, and enroll in your first windsurfing lessons.

Windsurfing is not like surfing. The goal of surfing is to catch and ride waves. Although the wind makes waves, surfers don't usually rely on the breeze to practice their sport. You can easily learn how to surf by yourself.

Windsurfing is a bit more complex. You have to learn how to rig a sail; you will need to comprehend the fundamental behavior of the wind, and the basics of sailing. Windsurfing is accessible to everyone, but there's nothing like learning with certified instructors.

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Jason Polakow: he always wanted to ride Nazaré | Bardos/Red Bull

Jason Polakow has become the first windsurfer to ride the big wave of Nazaré, in Portugal.

The Australian wave sailor has finally fulfilled his longtime dream of riding a windsurf board on the monstrous liquid cliffs of Praia do Norte, the spot usually reserved for surfing, bodyboarding and, more recently, skimboarding.

Polakow rode 43-foot waves (13 meters) after carefully studying and preparing the adventure in the last 12 months.

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Windsurfing: staying fit is never easy | Photo: Carter/PWA

Why can't we just increase our core strength by doing stand-up paddleboarding or windsurf as much as possible to stay fit? Health and fitness expert Henrik Beyer answers these common workout questions.

Can't we just do some squats, push-ups, and crunches on the beach (or at home) to increase our fitness and improve our windsurfing performances? Why don't we get a TRX home gym and start doing a full range of different exercises? Isn't it enough?

"In fitness, many roads lead to Rome. Getting fit and healthy can be truly simple or terribly difficult depending on socio-economic factors, health literacy, physical status, and personal as well as professional obligations, etc.," says Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing."

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