Windsurf boom: less diameter, less pain

A group of six experienced windsurfers participated in a study to analyze the muscular force used for different techniques for holding onto the wishbone boom.

The test held in 2007 consisted in recording the global electromyographic activity of several muscles on the forearm using surface electrodes, and a windsurfing simulator.

There were two different wind force conditions possible with the simulator: medium (15 kg) and strong (25 kg). Three different windsurf boom diameters were tested (28, 30 and 32 mm).


Ricardo Campello: too shy to take off his shades

Ricardo Campello has joined the Point-7 windsurfing team.

The three-time PWA Freestyle world champion, and two-time PWA Wave vice world champion is making a move to the Andrea Cucchi's Black Team.

"He fits with us, as he goes over the limits. If some are trying the double forward, he is already thinking and trying the tripple. If Ricardo needs to go to Canaries, Sylt, Maui, anywhere, he is prepared and can fight to win the title in any conditions", says Cucchi.


Jesper Vesterstrom: Danish victory in Australian waters

Jesper Vesterstrom has conquered the Downunder Pro 2014, at Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia.

The final day of the 2014 Downunder Pro - Formula Windsurfing Oceanic and Australian Championships got underway with only two points separating first and second overall.

Sean O'Brien, who was right behind the leader, had a good starboard start to lead towards the first mark, before a mistake downwind opened the door for his rival Jesper Vesterstrom.