Steve Allen: windsurf marathoner

Steve Allen has successfully defended his Lancelin Ocean Classic title. The Australian won the 29th edition of the windsurfing marathon.

Despite a dramatic false start, Steve Allen has ended up smiling again, as he claimed his second consecutive Lancelin Ocean Classic trophy.

The Australian windsurfer completed the 25-kilometer race, from Ledge Point to Lancelin, in 29 minutes and 59 seconds, only 13 seconds ahead Isaac Devries, who finished runner-up.


Philip Köster: the loop master

Philip Köster has taken out the Wave division of the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2014, in Western Australia.

The opening events got underway in perfect weather conditions. Sailors had 20 knots of wind, and 6-foot waves peeling in front of their eyes, thanks to a powerful ground swell.

Mother nature delivered some of the best conditions the tournament has seen for this year’s opening event. A 20-knot breeze combined with four to six foot waves had spectators licking their lips.


Antoine Albeau: he forgot to his sail in the car park

On the 7th January, 2014, Belharra saw the world's best big wave surfers riding giant walls of salted water. One windsurfer left his comfort zone and his sail to do the same with a surfboard.

Antoine Albeau is probably the most complete windsurfers of all time. He has collected 20 world tour titles and he is currently the fastest windsurfer on Earth at 52,05 knots (96.34 km/h).

Born on June 17, 1972 in La Rochelle, France, Albeau never misses an opportunity to break his own boundaries. This time, he had to play the big wave game in home waters.