PWA World Tour: get those sails ready | Photo: PWA/Carter

The 2015 Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) World Tour schedule has been announced.

It's on. The 2015 PWA World Tour will travel to 12 spots to crown champions in three disciplines: Freestyle, Slalom and Wave. Three 2014 stages are out of the equation (Bonaire, Poland and France), but the Austrian and Korean contests return.

The Freestyle competition has three events on the agenda - Austria, Fuerteventura and Sylt. The Slalom division will be run in seven stops - Korea, Costa Brava, Turkmenistan, Fuerteventura, Alacati, Sylt and New Caledonia.

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Hugo de Sousa: a new star is ready to conquer freestyle windsurfing

If you think you've seen everything in freestyle windsurfing, prepare for creative madness. Hugo de Sousa, from Brazil, is about to make sure nothing is impossible.

The talented young sailor is already traveling the world in search of multiple winds and conditions to improve his competitive performance. But Hugo de Sousa will win events. It's written in the stars.

In "Son of Freestyle," the rider from Camocim, in Ceará, Brazil, display a full array of innovative elements and combos. Hugo just makes it all seem so easy.

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Windsurfing: learn how to eat and drink well | Photo: Neil Pryde

What is the best diet for windsurfers? Health promoter Henrik Beyer shares what research has to say about diets and how this relates to windsurfers.

In the beginning of a windsurfing season, many sailors realize that they have gained weight and consider to lose a few pounds. To what diet should they turn to help them?

Since the milk cure diet that was introduced in the 18th century, which assigned each individual a specific cow to drink from for a week, to "modern" high fat and low carbohydrates diets, we have learnt a great deal about healthy eating.

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