The Origami Windsurfer: expensive folding art | Photo: Craig Folds Five

Rigging up a windsurfer might be easy, but how good are you in Origami mode?

Origami is the traditional art of paper folding. It was born in the 17th century, in Japan. Today, you can do anything in Origami. All you need is will, patience and a square sheet of paper.

Craig Folds Five, an Origami craftsman, has been making art with US dollar bills. His impressive technique gives money a new symbolism. A spectacular windsurfer is part of his artwork collection.


2014 US Techno 293 Nationals: tight sailing

Maximo Nores has claimed the 2014 US Techno 293 Nationals, in Miami, Florida.

Competitors were greeted with with winds ranging between four and 20 knots in three days of competition.

The US National Techno 293 title went to local hero Maximo Nores, ahead of Steven Cramer and Maximo's brother Geronimo Nores: the same triumvirate that ruled the North American Championships in Cancun two months ago.


Kaido World Performance 2014: wave windsurfing showdown in Japan

Alex Mussolini has claimed the Kaido World Performance 2014, at Omaezaki Long Beach, in Japan.

Some of the best wave windsurfers in the world had the opportunity to train their skills and maneuvers in the strong coastal winds of the in Shizuoka region.

With winds hitting 35 knots, windsurfers put out a terrific display of talent and creativity. The event puts Japanese riders against an international roster of highly competitive wave performers.