Defi Wind: 1000 windsurfers in Gruissan

One thousand windsurfers from 25 countries will line up at the start of 2014 Défi Wind, in Gruissan, France, between 23rd-25th May.

The 14th edition of the Défi Wind is sold out. On the largest windsurfing marathon in the planet invites sailors to experience one of the most famous winds of the world: the Tramontane.

The Tramontane is a strong, dry cold wind that blows from the north to the Gulf of Lion. It accelerates as it passes between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, as a result of the Venturi effect.


Bjorn Dunkerbeck: calling all speed windsurfers

The new Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge Tour will get the fastest windsurfers in the world's finest speed strips.

Speed windsurfers will have a new contest. The concept has been developed by Bjorn Dunkerbeck, and it will feature a world tour, in which sailors will try to break multiple records.

Each event will be a pro/am competition, open to all ages and groups. Amateur windsurfers will be able to improve their personal records with GPS measurement devices.


Forceline sails: construction complexity and weight are reduced

NeilPryde has evolved its Forceline structural reinforcements into a full sail concept.

After introducing the Forceline panels, the windsurfing brand has expanded the formula into the sail, where loads are now seamlessly controlled and dispersed in the entire, tack, foot, clew and leech of the sails.

The foot sections of all sails are now filled entirely with two Forceline panels, and the central foot panel is removed entirely.