RS:One: only the rider makes the difference | Photo: NeilPryde

The 2015 RS:One European Championships will be held at Loctudy, in France, between July 5th-11th.

The event is open to all windsurfers, and it will feature an innovative race format: The Pulsar, a slalom race with reaching start.

There will also be a Marathon (long distance) and classical Regatta. The organization promises that the courses will be set up in a way that the on-shore audience can enjoy the races.

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Harley Stone: riding when the wind was still up | Photo: Lucky Beanz/AWT

The wind didn't show up for the Santa Cruz Windsurfing Festival 2015, at Waddell Creek Beach, and only the Youth, Women, and Grand Masters had final results on the sheet.

Sometimes it just happens. Despite the good waves throughout the weekend, windsurfers only had light wind on the first day of competition, a 12-hour wave sailing marathon.

Sarah Hauser, Carmen Hsu, Ingrid Larouche and Tanya Saleh reached the finals of the Women's fleet. Hauser would steal the victory, leaving Hsu in the runner-up position.

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Windsurfing: you need balance in life, too | Photo: Marko/Red Bull

Mastering flat waters, choppy seas, or even a 4.3 sail during a storm in windsurfing and life requires continuous effort to find balance. However, the notion of balance seems to have been misunderstood.

When life feels like a large sail in a storm, and you are struggling on the water, windsurfing may feel like Sisyphus' curse where you'll never reach your goal.

You keep falling off the board, or you get catapulted and slammed into the rough water. Repeating yet another waterstart, and getting back up on the board and riding another wave requires both effort and sometimes more than a pair of balls.

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