Windsurfing: get a a healthy New Year's resolution | Photo: texaus1/Creative Commons

Promising a health behavior change for next year can be a powerful motivator for increased health and fitness in windsurfing. But it can also be a disappointment. Henrik Beyer gives us a few pointers to increase the effectiveness of a healthy New Year's resolution in windsurfers.

Lack of motivation or life circumstances can hinder even the most determined windsurfer to get or stay healthy and fit for windsurfing. Research has shown that people who decide to start an exercise program are far more successful if they plan their change and are prepared for setbacks and get social support.

We know that windsurfers enjoy health benefits and will increase their sailing performance if they stay physically fit and follow a healthy diet. But knowledge is not enough to help and make us change.

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Hannes Rieger: one leg, loads of talent

Windsurfing can change lives, but a young man with only one leg didn't imagine that a board and a sail would become addicted to life in the water.

Meet Dr. Hannes Rieger. He's our hero. When I was only 19 years old, he was involved in a car accident as a passenger. After severe complications, Rieger lost his left leg. He had just finished high school, and he was ready to start his life.

"A few years after my accident, some friends told me about windsurfing and what a fantastic sport it was. Then I had the idea to jump on a large board with a friend and give it a try," explains Hannes Rieger.

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Tim Wood: Kiwi experience pays off | Photo: Isaac Spedding

Tim Wood has stolen the Eastbourne Slalom Plus 2014, in New Zealand.

The event held by the Wellington Windsurfing Association (WWA) attracted sailors who competed on the PWA World Tour stage in New Caledonia, including Wood, Laurence Carey and Basti Kordel.

The anticipated matchup between these three did not occur, Carey was nursing a badly sprained ankle and under doctors orders did not race, but did an excellent job recording the race finishes.

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