Giovanni Passani: the future of Italian windsurfing | Photo: Carter/PWA

Giovanni Passani and Maaike Huvermann have taken out the Sa Barra Freestyle Contest 2015, in the Sant'Antioco island, in Sardinia, Italy.

The event was held in Windsurfing Club Sa Barra, a sports center founded in 2009 by Gigi Madeddu. The spot offers flat and choppy water conditions blessed by the Mistral (NW) and Scirocco (SE) winds.

This year, the Sa Barra Freestyle Contest 2015 managed to complete two single eliminations, in which Giovanni Passani and Maaike Huvermann got crowned winners of the Men and Women divisions, respectively.

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Windsurfing catapult: it's the human cannonball

It happens frequently. Sooner or later, you'll experience the windsurfing catapult. When you can't control your harness, the harness will control you.

The harness catapult makes us look like kooks or absolute beginners. It usually happens when we think we've learned everything about riding hooked in. We're sailing fast against the wind and, suddenly, either a wind gust or an attempt to steer leeward puts a spectacular end to our unlimited style and ego.

If we get overpowered and we can't solve the problem quickly, we get pitched to leeward while being spun beneath the windsurfing sail. Terrible feeling.

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Max Matissek: taking his True Wind series to the a Vienna underground water reservoir | Photo: Philipp Schuster/Red Bull

Professional windsurfer Max Matissek has developed "True Wind," a project series that combines windsurfing and visual arts.

The idea is great. Matissek selects unique spots to windsurf in, rides them, captures the whole set and then gets the photographs on canvas for a final painting. The result is quite appealing.

"I always imagined to windsurf in places where it actually was impossible to because of simple physics and other stuff. In surroundings where nobody would expect a windsurfer to fly through," Matissek tells the PWA World Tour.

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