Windwise: Simon Bornhoft is sharing the stoke

Simon Bornhoft will be sharing his windsurfing knowledge in a series of 2014 clinics and adventure holidays around the world.

The international windsurfing coach has been running thousands of training sessions for beginner-improvers, wannabe carve gybers and wave sailors.

Bornhoft wrote some of the best windsurfing manuals in the world, and founded Windwise to offer personalized coaching tips "to get the body to do what the brain is telling it".


Windsurfing Fins: drive and looseness

Windsurf fins are increasingly connected with performance. In the 21st century, you can easily test and feel the subtle differences between fin setups.

When it comes to fin setups, windsurfers usually face an equation with four variables. Single, Twin, Thruster or Quad? Additionally, you can also have different fin shapes and formats.

There is not a "perfect fin setup" for you. There are multiple setups for a wide range of circumstances. Windsurfing fins have five key features: outline shape and length, profile and width, rake angle, flexibility and twist, and fin box system.


Björn Dunkerbeck: he built a museum for all his titles

Windsurfing has earned a well-respected spot in the Guinness World Records, with quite an extensive number of unexpected entries.

The Guinness World Records is a widely recognized authority on record-breaking achievement, but it does not contemplate all windsurfing records.

Nevertheless, we found some curious facts and figures. So, what's officially amazing in the outstanding world of numbers, stunts and rare features?