Windsurfing: learn how to tie basic knots | Photo: Creative Commons/Parkis

Windsurfers are sailors, and knots are part of the daily sailing life. Learning how to tie a knot is a compulsory skill in windsurfing.

There are hundreds of knots for multiple situations. In windsurfing, there are masts, booms and sails to be tied properly. You don't want to be sailing and, suddenly, wipeout or lose part of your gear to the ocean floor.

You can only tie a knot with rope. And there are up to ten knots that you should definitely learn. But if you only want to get a basic knowledge, you must, at least, memorize three general knots - the bowline, the clove hitch, and the square knot.


2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge: driven by wind | Photo: Luderitz Speed Challenge

Patrik Diethelm has smashed the Italian speed windsurfing record at the 2014 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

The Swiss rider is now the fastest windsurfer in the event, after two days of competition. Diethelm raced at 51.09 knots to beat the previous record of 50.49 knots.

Wind is definitely picking up at Luderitz. It reached 35 knots with stronger gusts exceeding 40knots plus, and more records are expected to be broken in the upcoming speed sailing sessions.


WindPush: find wind when it blows

WindPush is a smartphone app that alerts you whenever the wind you're longing for is forecasted.

Daniel Hjertholm and Daniel Wold are two passionate windsurfers from Norway. Not knowing when and where the wind was blowing was a problem both shared for a long time.

"The idea for WindPush has been on our minds for a while. We've both spent hundreds of hours browsing through different wind sites and forecasts in desperate search for the perfect wind", explain Hjertholm and Wold.