Louis Giard: didn't sleep all night | Photo: ISAF/Jesus Renedo

Louis Giard and Bryony Shaw have conquered the RS:X Windsurfing titles at the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Cup, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Giard knew it was a tough task, but the Frenchman managed to beat Greek star Byron Kokkalanis, in the critical medal race. Nick Dempsey finished fifth to secure bronze.

"I am super happy. It's my first win in the senior fleet, so it was a really good day for me. Some of them have some Olympic medals, so I tried to have fun and sail well without pressure and enjoy the fact that I am racing in Abu Dhabi," expressed Louis Giard.

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Stance: train the right body posture in windsurfing | Photo: PWA/Carter

A good stance is critical in windsurfing. Your body posture defines the way you sail and handle the power of the wind.

A perfect stance means higher performance, as well as less aches and pains. Experienced windsurfers know how important is to adopt a correct posture while sailing for hours and days.

And it is quite easy to incorporate the right windsurfing stance. The overall goal is to draw a V-like angle between the sail and your body.

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A Force 10: chasing storms | Photo: Red Bull

The most challenging windsurfing competition on Planet Earth is available on DVD. "Red Bull Storm Chase - A Force 10 Adventure" is out now.

Three storms, ten windsurfers, and the entire world as a stage. "A Force 10 Adventure" features Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Leon Jamaer, Dany Bruch, Victor Fernandez, Julien Taboulet, Robby Swift, Josh Angulo, Boujmaa Guilloul, and Kenneth Danielsen in some of the toughest maritime conditions known to man.

In 65 minutes - plus 72 minutes of bonus footage - viewers are invited to dive into the most extreme windsurfing action. The Red Bull Storm Chase was born in 2012, and it was planned to be a four-month global hunt.

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