North Sails: a brand founded in 1957 by Lowell North

North Sails, the brand founded in 1957 by Lowell North, has been acquired by Oakley Capital, a private equity firm.

North Sails Group is a leader in sailmaking technology, holding the patent for 3Di, a construction process resulting in high performance non-panelled composite sails.

The insignia is the sailmaker of choice on the majority of America's Cup. The brand also manufactures more 3D and panelled cruising sails than any other sailmaker in the world.


Andrea Cucchi: the dark sail prevails at the Défi Wind

Andrea Cucchi has sailed faster to claim to the 2014 Défi Wind, at Gruissan, France.

A record number of 1,000 windsurfers from 27 countries participated in the 240 kilometers of races, held in between 25 and 46 knots of wind. The "Woodstock of Boarsports" was greeted by a powerful Tramontane.

The final 40-kilometer race, saw more than 700 sailors blasting the first leg in record time. At the first buoy, Andrea Cucchi is in the lead followed by Bringdal, who falls, Belbeoch, Moretti, Standhart, Guadagnino, Brault and Warembourg.


Slalom windsurfing: Albeau prepares to click the speed button

How do you fine-tune a windsurfing sail for Slalom racing or training? Antoine Albeau shares useful tips and techniques.

Let's start with a very significant variable. Downhaul tension affects the overall luff curve of the sail, so it's important to get it right and balanced. How much downhaul tension do you need?

"If it's there's too much downhaul tension, you'll feel it in the water because the board will be flying a lot, the nose will be high, and it will be hard to control the board," underlines Antoine Albeau.