Windsurfing: balance training is a controversial issue | Photo: PWA/Carter

Balance training has been shown to be effective in rehabilitation and in the prevention of falls in elderly people, but will it increase windsurfing performance? Windsurfer and health promoter Henrik Beyer leaves us an insight into what research has to say about it.

According to a systematic review in the Journal of Athletic Training (2010), researchers claim that the current discussion in scientific literature on the effect of balance training for improvements in functional performance is more speculative than evidence-based.

Henrik Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing," is still not convinced that balance training is necessary for uninjured windsurfers. It's a controversial issue.


Ivan Pastor: victory in Girona | Photo: Alfred Farre

Ivan Pastor has been crowned the 2014 Raceboard world champion, in Girona, Spain.

The windsurfing competition attracted 116 sailors from 16 countries. It was the largest Raceboard World Championship in recent years, and the overall performances stood at a very high level.

Ivan Pastor completely dominated the final races, but he knew he couldn't afford a slip-up, since he was carrying a DNF into his final results. But Maksymillian Wojcik won the penultimate race.

In the last battle, Pastor finished ahead of Wojcik and was declared champion as the winds made their way home. Nicolas Huguet secured a well-deserved third place and the overall Masters title.

In the Women's fleet, Ilona Grinberga, from Latvia, wrapped the 2014 Raceboard World Championship with two bullets and ended up on equal points with her team mate Vita Matise. However, she missed the golden trophy with her a DNC race coming into play. Joanna Sterling kept the bronze medal.

2014 Raceboard World Championship | Final Results

1. Ivan Pastor
2. Maksymillian Wojcik
3. Nicolas Huguet

1. Vita Matise
2. Ilona Grinberga
3. Joanna Sterling

Janis Preiss: Formula Windsurfing master | Photo: Neilpyde Baltic Cup

Janis Preiss has won the 2014 Formula Windsurfing European Cup, after a marathon of eleven events held in the Old Continent.

The 2014 European Cup series concluded in Loutsa Bay, near Athens, in Greece, where the Latvian master once again showed why he is the best Formula windsurfer in Europe.

"Aeolus," Ancient Greek God and ruler of the winds, decided to test all sailors to the limits of skill and endurance by delivering ten races in 20-30 knots.