Azores: the perfect venue for Formula Windsurfing | Photo: Azorean Gateway

The world's fastest windsurfers will battle for glory at the 2015 Formula Windsurfing World Championships, in Praia da Vitoria, on the Terceira Island, Azores.

The racers' list includes top performers such as three-time world champion Steve Allen, two-time winner Ross Williams, and the 2013 Formula Windsurfing world champion Casper Bouman.

However, these giants will have to step up their game, as reigning South American champion Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, and European champion Sebastian Kördel prepare the Azorean assault.

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Windsurf beach start: the art of launching in shallow waters | Photo: Carter/PWA

The beach start is an intermediate windsurfing technique. As your sailing experience evolves, you'll have to master the art of launching in shallow waters.

Training is all you need to pull the perfect windsurf beach start. After ten tries, you'll do it like a pro. But you shouldn't stop practising it until it's properly done, without falling off the board.

The beach start requires your constant attention to the board position and the rig's relationship to the wind until you finally sail away. So how can you do the perfect windsurfing beach start? Let's see:

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Windsurfing sails: de-rig and fold them properly | Photo: Carter/PWA

Modern windsurfing sails are robust and fragile at the same time. Learn how to fold your sail without damaging its core materials.

By taking care of your windsurfing sails, you are extending their lifetime. Salt, water, sun, rock and sand are amongst the worst enemies of our wind leaves. You don't need much to tear a sail in half.

However, it's not only a problem with the elements. It could also be you, too. Folding a windsurfing sail is a classic procedure, and there's a way of making it right.

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