John Kenny

Ireland's number one speedsailor John Kenny has just smashed the Irish speed sailing record hitting speed's of over 45 knots or 84 kmh on his Stardboard isonic speed special W49 and Severne Code Red 5.9 .

Kenny or JK as he's known to his friends was not happy with winning his second National Speedsailing Championships but then in the big winds that hit last weekend a handful of windsurfers went out sailing at Burrow beach near Howth, where JK not only broke his old record once but ten times finally finishing with a speed of 42.52 knots over 500 meters which puts him up in the top 20 of the 500 meters for this year on the site.

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''Four Dimensions'', The Movie

If you haven’t purchased possibly the best windsurfing movie of the year, then just to whet your appetite, the producers have released another trailer.

Former PWA Wave World Champion, Francisco Goya (Goya boards, Goya sails, MFC), explains the feeling he gets from our amazing sport. Check the trailer.

The film also features some of the world’s best windsurfers, including 2009 PWA Freestyle Champion Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo (Fanatic, North), who throws down the most impressive repertoire of moves ever seen.

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South Coast New Zealand

This event was a fantastic success. 20 sailors; 3 sailing locations; awesome wind (approx 20-25 knots both days); 3 clubs meet up- Southern Lakes Club meets the new Invercargill Windsports Club and sailors from Dunedin; BBQ on the Sat night; at least 3 new converts to Wave sailing.... these were just some of the hilights of the recent club weekend.

Gavin and a few others from Dunedin went down on Friday night and sailed until late, the rest of us joined on Sat with 11 of us out most of the day at Monkey Island, some beginners to waves, others looping, Craig doing his first backward loop (accidentally, but its on video… way to go !). The locals reckoned this was a record attendance for this amazing venue.

We then rushed off to Riverton Estuary for those who had got blown off the water before and to catch up with the Invercargill kiters who had felt it was too windy earlier. Again about 11 of us out at the estuary… what a sight, unfortunately it was rather gusty but hey we managed!

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