Speed World Cup

The rules for the 2010 Speed World Cup season are out. There have been only a few small amendmends, which are:

For the windsurfers, the points awarded depend mainly on the price money now, with some small addition given for continentals, worlds, and if there is provisional timing available. The spread between national event and world championship events has become larger, to give more importance to the world events with the top comptitors attending.

Only the best three events of each competitors will count towards the overall world cup ranking, constituting the "Overall World Cup Winner".

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Daida and Iballa Moreno

The legendary twins from Pozo, Daida and Iballa Moreno, have dominated the windsurfing scene for over a decade and are now ready to defend their titles on a new team.

With over 19 world championship titles combined, they have set a new benchmark in female wave and freestyle performance over the last 12 years. And they have just joined Severne.

In a truly revolutionary spirit, they are well known for supporting women in windsurfing and have set a new standard. Alongside their team mates Karin Jaggi (Severne) and Nayra Alonso (Fanatic, Severne), they occupied all top podium positions in the most challenging PWA events of the year such as Pozo and Sylt World Cup as well as the PWA overall ranking for 2009.

Daida commented: “We were really looking forward to this day. I’m totally excited to start the season with a fresh new team and great products. Over the past few years, Severne has brought great products into the market and shown off a successful team. It is very satisfying for us to be part of it. It is a perfect fusion between high-tech, light weight and our radical experience in the water. Severne is the only sail industry company who believe in girls performance and showed it by having the top four girls of the waves overall in their team. Now, more than ever, it’s time for ACTION!”

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Défi Wind

In South of France, we used to say the wind drives people mad... and it is obviously true as 1000 windsurfers will be there in Gruissan, from may the 13th to the 16th , to defy the local Tramontana and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Défi Wind, the most popular race in the world.

Gruissan showed up thanks to Luc Besson, who realized the movie « 37,2° le matin » in 1988 describing the amazing atmosphere on the « plage des chalets » (chalets beach). Surrounded by mountains and shores, this nice village is ready to welcome you on site and make you spend an unforgettable windsurfing moment.

In this quiet town we can find some quite strange people, completely mad about windsurfing. These riders, who still have long hair and their large pants on, – even though time is running out and they are not all that young anymore! - are members of a kind of sect called “Gruissan Windsurf” and play for ages with the famous Tramontana on the water.

They used to organize lots of important windsurfing events in Gruissan such as the French Windsurf Championships and now their life is regulated each year since 2001 by the Defi Wind, the biggest windsurfing meeting ever, organized by some few windsurfers... for lots of windsurfers!

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