Ed Melechson in the Midwest Speed Quest

Leading economists say programs that put cash into the hands of consumers will speed up the economic recovery. In response, the Midwest Speed Quest has announced a 3 Phase "Economic Stimulus Program".

PHASE ONE: $200 CASH for the first Windsurfer who records a "Best Ten Second Interval" of 30 knots. If two or more windsurfers recorded this speed on a single day, these funds were to be shared. Today three racers showed up, so It was decided that any racer who broke 30 knots on May 31 would be awarded $200.

David Knight of Fridley MN recorded a 31.74 knot run. He was sailing a Carbon Art SL 62 Slalom Board, a KA Koncept 5.8 Sail, and a Vector Rockit 34 cm fin.

Chris Lock of Plainview MN recorded a 30.14 knot run. He was sailing a Starboard Carve 111 Board, a KA Koncept 6.6 Sail, and a Vector Canefire 38 cm fin.

Dave and Chris accepted their Prize Money. This is not the money you could be saving on car insurance. This is the money you could be winning at the Midwest Speed Quest!

This Prize Money is ON TOP OF the $2500 Cash awarded to Top Racers at the end of the year. First Place is $1000, Second Place is $500, Third Place is $250, Fourth is $125, Fifth is $75.


Clube Naval de Portimao will host the 2009 Formula Windsurfing Iberic Championships\

The Clube Naval de Portimao will organize the Iberic Championship (Portuguese National and Copa de Espanha) of Formula Windsurfing, from 5-7 June 2009 in Portimao, Algarve, Portugal, near where the last World Championship was held.

We are expecting 40 windsurfers, including top riders, Miguel Martinho (POR 5) and Fernando Martinez (ESP 71).

From this Championship will be the Iberic Champion, the Portuguese Champion and the Spanish guys that will go to the World Championship and the European, and also the Champion of the Spain Ranking.

If any one in Europe or other continent want to come to this Championship all are welcome, only have to contact the Club.

EFPT Freestyle Grand Prix kicks of in Porto Liscia

The wind was still too light to start competition, so the fleet had to wait till noon that the wind picked up and the competition got started.

In Heat 1 Brazilian Souza de Pedro (RRD/Simmer) sailed against the local hero Lorioli (RRD/RRD) and Meir (Fanatic/Simmer) from Israel against Sardinian local Varrucciu (Naish/Naish). The Brazilian rider showed a solid heat and also the local Varrucciu (Naish/Naish) advanced over Meir (Fanatic/Simmer), who crashed a couple of his moves.

Heat 2 showed only 2 riders on the water, because Paskowski (Fanatic/North) had no oponent in the first round and advanced automatically. Brazilian Teixeira (RRD/RRD) was facing Slovenian newcomer Zan Sude and performed his samba show on the water. Teixeira (RRD/RRD) showed a bigger variety of moves and made in into the next round.

Heat 3 set the EFPT premiere for Team Estonia with Aava (Starboard) against Chico Bento (Fanatic/North) from Brazil and Greek rider Promponas (Fanatic/North) facing German young gun Lachauer (Starboard). Unfortunately the wind started dropping during the heat which needed to get resailed. Also on the second try the wind was lacking and the heat got canceled. The fleet was kept on stand by for the rest of the afternoon, but the wind didnt increase to sufficient force to run any more heats.

So tomorrow skippers meeting is sheduled for 9.00. Locals say that anything can happen with the actual weather situation, so lets see what sunday will bring for the competition.