Golden Gate bridge

A male windsurfer was found dead near the Golden Gate bridge, in San Francisco, USA.

The man has not been identified and was drifting in open ocean, 2,5 miles east from the bridge.

This area is very popular with windsurfers, but it is also known for its strong and tricky currents.

The body was recovered by the US Coast Guard and the windsurfer was pronounced dead by paramedics at the Coast Guard's Golden Gate Station.

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European Speed Sailing Championships

The European Speed Sailing Championships will take place from November 1 to 7 in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. Some of the World’s top Speed Sailors will be in competing at the event where championship Speed Sailing will take place each day of the weeklong event.

Aside from the sporting activities a number of celebration events are also open to the public. The social side of the championships will see a live DJ perform each day and the championship opening party at The Seannachai Bar on November 1 and closing party at The Quays on Saturday November 7 are not to be missed.

Some of the World’s top Speed Sailors will be in attendance at the event and the opportunity to sail with the best will be on offer through Kite Schools Puremagic, Kiteskool and LSD Boarding. Windsurf Schools Surf Dock, Wind and Wave and BigSurf will be on hand to help beginners get to grips with the sport.

A combination of Water sports will be available from Dunmore East Adventure Centre. A number of the world’s top equipment producers will also be at the event demonstrating their latest equipment.

According to speed sailor and event organiser Martin Waldron it is a highly entertaining spectator sport, “Speed Sailing is really an amazing sport to watch we are inviting the people of the South East to come along and witness some of the massive speeds achievable by some of the world’s fastest men and women in the sport.”

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Timo Mullen

The Tiree Wave Classic is without doubt the most prestigous and longest running Wavesailing Contest in Europe, in 2009 it also was the 3rd and final stop of the British Wavesailing Championships.

The forecast for the week of the contest was not looking great, only one day was looking like it would deliver the conditions needed to warrant the running of the Pro division. As it turned out Mother Nature and the North Atlantic delivered the goods!

Ballepuil beach was the early morning call for the Pro fleet who were greeted at sunrise to 4-6ft waves with a steady 15-20 knot cross offshore wind. With all the UK's top Pro's present and the Wild Card World Cup sailor Dany Bruch this was set to be a day of reckoning!

Early rounds saw some very early departures for 3/4 of the top 4 ranked sailors, tour leader Jamie Hancock went down to Timo in R2, whilst Ben Proffit and Phil Horrocks sailed not up to their full potential to also depart early in R2!

Timo on the other hand had found his mojo and gouged and aired his way into the final alongside John Skye, Dany Bruch and Jack Hunt. Timo had been using the Starboard Quad 81 up until the final, when just before the green flag Timo noticed the wind had eased of slightly, he opted for a quick pit stop and changed to a floatier board and a Severne 5.6 S1 sail.

"Changing to my bigger gear for the final was a good move, i was able to get priority on some of the biggest sets of the day, my first wave was a good one to put in the bank, a few good turns and a sweet aerial. Then i got a cracker at the end of the heat, logo high two big aerials and a nice gouge! I was pretty confident of a good result but to hear I had won the final was amazing, especially against Skye Boy who only 1 week ago had taken down Kauli Seadi in Sylt!"

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