Windsurfing 4 Cancer raised more than £20,000

Welcome to Sunrise Sunset 2009 with details of the first major fundraising event from the new charity, Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research (W4CR). This fun event took place on the 3rd May, the Bank Holiday Sunday and included venues across the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

What a day! Various descriptions have been heard "Fantastic", "Monster day", "Emotional" but perhaps the Mayor's observation summed it up well. "Everyone is obviously having fun AND doing something so worthwhile"

The BBC broadcast from Hayling Island is online but please note that the '20 windsurfers' was the number at Sunrise!

By midday there were more than 120!

Donations and sponsorship now exceeds £20,000 (15th May). Well towards the target of £25,000.

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2009 East Coast Windsurfing Festival

The 2009 East Coast Windsurfing Festival will be held at Heckscher State Park on June 6th and 7th 2009. Competitors flock from all over the East Coast to compete in this huge competition. Racers and freestylers alike will have their chance to prove themselves as King of the East.

The ECWF is all about having fun. For this reason there will be no wind minimum for any of the events. As long as there is enough wind to move a windsurfer forward we’re competing. It’s much more fun getting out there and doing something than sitting around waiting for wind. Since there is a potential for running races in light wind, bring everything. We could get 5 mph or we could get 35 mph. Whatever the wind does, we’ll be ready for it.

Checkin will start at 9:00 am on Saturday June 6th at the judges stand on the right hand side of the parking lot when you’re looking at the water. The first Races and freestyle heats are expected to run around noon on Saturday, so make sure you’re rigged, sails are numbered and you’re ready to race by noon.

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Ed Melechson in the Midwest Speed Quest

Leading economists say programs that put cash into the hands of consumers will speed up the economic recovery. In response, the Midwest Speed Quest has announced a 3 Phase "Economic Stimulus Program".

PHASE ONE: $200 CASH for the first Windsurfer who records a "Best Ten Second Interval" of 30 knots. If two or more windsurfers recorded this speed on a single day, these funds were to be shared. Today three racers showed up, so It was decided that any racer who broke 30 knots on May 31 would be awarded $200.

David Knight of Fridley MN recorded a 31.74 knot run. He was sailing a Carbon Art SL 62 Slalom Board, a KA Koncept 5.8 Sail, and a Vector Rockit 34 cm fin.

Chris Lock of Plainview MN recorded a 30.14 knot run. He was sailing a Starboard Carve 111 Board, a KA Koncept 6.6 Sail, and a Vector Canefire 38 cm fin.

Dave and Chris accepted their Prize Money. This is not the money you could be saving on car insurance. This is the money you could be winning at the Midwest Speed Quest!

This Prize Money is ON TOP OF the $2500 Cash awarded to Top Racers at the end of the year. First Place is $1000, Second Place is $500, Third Place is $250, Fourth is $125, Fifth is $75.

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