Karin Jaggi

With many years of experience in the windsurfing industry, Swiss born Karin Jaggi will be a true asset to the Severne team.

Her plans for the up-coming 2009 season are to defend her Slalom World title, compete in as many PWA Wave events as possible and, if her schedule allows, defend her current Speed Sailing World Record of 41.25 knots.

"I am super happy to be on Severne Sails. I plan to spend lots of time in Western Australia and this will allow me to be very close to testing and development of the sails. At the same time I can tune them in some of the worlds best sailing locations. Now I have everything in one spot and it is really only up to me to make the best of it. Most of the other Severne Team members spend the whole summer in Western Australia and this is another big plus for me - it's a lot more fun and so much easier to figure things out together. I've known Ben for 10 years and followed the progression of Severne Sails since the beginning. I am really looking forward to be on his sail designs!"


Calema Midwinters

The Midwinters Festival will continue its tradition of bringing together World Cup Pros, Olympic class competitors, beginner sailors and all other levels of competitor. The 24th Calema Midwinters Windsurfing Festival is scheduled to March 5th/8th 2009.

We will have classes for all skill levels and type of equipment - A Fleet / Sport Fleet / Workshop Fleet (learn to race) // and many Youth, Junior and Kids classes to choose from. We will have an inside course for the youngest and most novice kids. The more experienced kids choose between Sport or A Fleet which are sailed with the adults on outside courses.

Racing will be held in the Banana River with launching from Kelly Park in Merritt Island, FL. 

The Midwinters will be governed by the ISAF Rules (2009-2012) and the rules of Formula Windsurfing (as of 1/1/09)-- with regard to the Pro & A Formula Fleets - the specified sail size limitations and the listing of approved production equipment.

New Weight Divisions will be used if more than 20 competitors in a division. As in past years - the Sport Formula Fleets allow for ANY production shortboard - but is still limited to One Board/3 Sails.

Kona One Design: Must use a Kona Style board and a 7.4 Zenith sail for all competitors under 85Kg. Mast and booms are open but boom must be aluminum and mast no more than 75% carbon. Racers over 85Kg may race with a 9.0 Zenith sail and will be scored separately if attendance is big enough.

David Knight

The 2008 Midwest Speed Quest is over. This was a great year, with 30 racers competing.

It is time to announce the Final Results.

We follow the rules and methods of International Speed Sailing. Our GPS units are the most precise hand held units available. Our speeds can be compared to other Speed Sailors around the World. And the Prize Money remains the best in North American Speed Sailing.

The racers competed in this event by wearing the LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements, and are based on the "Average of the 5 Best Ten Second Runs". The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated to 0.01 knots with great precision. The tools and method used were consistent with International Speed Sailing, and with GPS Speed Surfing.

1st Place: David Knight, Fridley MN 31.57 knots (36.31 mph)

2nd Place: Guy Miller, Austin Texas 31.46 knots (36.18 mph)

3rd Place Chris Lock, Plainview, MN 31.06 knots (35.72 mph)

4th Place Arden Anderson, Fon du Lac, WI 30.50 knots (35.08 mph)

5th Place Richard White, Portland Oregon 30.05 knots (34.56 mph)

Congratulations to the winners. David will receive $1000 CASH. Guy will receive $500, Chris $250, Arden $125, and Richard $75.

Also for 2008, the Top Five Racers will receive a LOCOSYS GPS!!!

6th Place Josh Sampiero, Winter Park, FL 28.50 knots (32.78 mph)

7th Place Jason Swanson, Worthington, MN 28.29 knots (32.53 mph)

8th Place Eric Ries, Edina, MN 27.98 knots (32.18 mph)

9th Place Randy Johnson, Forest Lake MN 27.35 knots (31.45 mph)

10th Place Jeff Adamski, Otsego, MN 26.91 knots (30.95 mph)