Rob Kent, Marc Carney, Mark Kay and Dave Hackford will teach windsurfing techniques

The UK Raceboard Class Steering group has organised a series of regional race training days for anyone interested in longboard racing.  Whether you are already an aspiring Olympian in T-15 or Techno, or even just thinking about starting competition racing these sessions will truly improve your windsurfing.

The current leading four National Raceboard sailors are each giving up one afternoon to give away some of their secrets : Rob Kent, Marc Carney, Mark Kay and Dave Hackford have between them a string of National, World titles and Olympic competition. Each of them has training skills that will address many aspects of improving competition sailing.

Newcomers are welcome to each of the venues, and each host centre already sustains a healthy longboard scene. 

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2009 PWA Costa Teguise

A grueling double elimination has altered the rankings, with questions being asked of the world’s elite. The defending champions were forced to sail with inspiration as freestyle is pushed to a new level here in Lanzarote.

Upsets in the men’s second single elimination have ignited a race for the event crown, and stand out performances by the women have shifted key contenders. Overnight, a six-foot swell had churned the reef white, and a 35-knot wind spiraled cyclones in the sand. It was clear from the outset today that fortune would favor the brave.

The Double Elimination.
Yolanda De Brendt (Fanatic/North Sails) and Daida Ruano Moreno (North Sails) quickly accustomed to the turbulent conditions in the day’s opening encounter. Moreno was superb in the air, swift to assert her presence with a fearless stalled forward supporting a comfortable freestyle display. Whilst De Brendt sailed fantastically, boosting high shakas and slick punetas, the Spaniard’s aerial dominance prevailed.

Nevertheless, against a faultless performance by Junko Nagoshi (Tabou/Simmer Style/Da Kine), even a double forward was not enough, as Moreno was eliminated leaving Japan’s first lady on the crest of the wave. Nagoshi climbed the ranks of the passionate and highly competitive women’s fleet, ahead of the talented Laure Treboux (Fanatic / North Sails), fighting her way to the final.  

Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard/NeilPryde) showed no intention of sharing her title as the two charged into their showdown. Taking advantage of the swell, Offringa boosted into a massive shaka, and slid into a faultless clew-first flaka, one step ahead of Nagoshi at all times.

The windsurfing world has found something special in Offringa, who has succeed in transforming women’s competition to the outstanding level that have we witnessed here today.

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2009 PWA Costa Teguise

Foresight has proven accurate in Lanzarote today, as the reigning World Champions held their ground at the top of the leader-board. Costa Teguise provided epic conditions, allowing a gargantuan battle commence in a race for the top.

The wind filled in to a solid 25 knots that ripped across the pier, as the fleet performed excellently in front of a massive crowd.  Ultimately, predictions were fulfilled, as the favorites dominated the single elimination.

As action commenced, it was clear that the level of freestyle has improved exponentially this year. In order to progress, every sailor had to be at his or her best; in an event where technical brilliance simply wasn’t enough. Today, an emphasis was needed on ‘style’, as the competitors fought hard to personalize their routines and wow their critics.

The early men’s round saw a disappointing exit for France’s Leo Ray (Naish/Naish/MFC) at the hands of one of the most exciting up-and-coming athletes in the sport, Steven Van Broeckhoven (F2/MauiSails).

Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/North Sails), Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard/Gun Sails), Ian Mouro Lemos (JP/NeilPryde) and Maarten Van Ochten (JP/NeilPryde/MFC) each cruised through their first rounds, it was soon evident that the super-styled new school were going to prove tricky to beat in the later stages.

First blood was drawn when a strong Marcillo Browne (Fanatic/North) felled the ultra-talented Michael Roßmeier (Exocet/The Loft) in the day’s first split-decision, thanks to a flawless combination of culos, double flakas, and conos. Later, Anthony Ruenes (Tabou) was put to the sword despite sailing brilliantly against the outstanding Jose Estredo (Fanatic/North Sails).

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