2009 PWA Gran Canaria

Antoine Albeau (JP/NeilPryde) managed to hold firm under building pressure today, while competition between the top five has reached an all-time high. Williams and Pritchard battled for second, yet an upset in the final elimination left the door open for the brilliant Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard/North Sails).

New challenges awaited the fleet at Pozo this morning, with a course format that favored the more technical sailor. A six-mark layout shortened the broad reaches and increased the pressure at the gybes, forcing a day of tight and unforgiving racing.

Cracks began to show in Albeau’s amour, as the current leader failed to impose himself upon the fleet in the early rounds. However, like a true champion, his great mental attitude stood up to the pressure, and the giant Frenchman dominated the final round, finishing the day with a well-deserved victory.

Finian Maynard (RRD/NeilPryde) started excellently under the new format, winning the day’s first elimination and finishing runner up in round two. At times, Maynard looked like the favorite, his tactical sailing and consistent speed giving him an advantage.

However, a cynical run in with a pack of Moussilmani brothers on the final gybe of the semi final led to a very unlucky ending for Maynard. As he found himself in their dirty wind, all three Frenchmen passed him, pushing him out of a qualifying position, and out of the final.

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Raceboard World Championship 2009

The record entry of 114 surfers from 15 nations in the Raceboard World Championship 2009 sailed 12 races during the Championship.

“This is the biggest fleet in a World Championship of the Raceboard Class, we have seen for more than 20 years”, Murat Tueten from the German Windsurfing Association, who organised the event, raved.

It was a tight finish before the world title in the Raceboard class was decided on Saturday June 11, 2009.

Maksimilian Wojcik could defeat the German challenger Moritz Martin in a tight finish. Martin became second, followed by the Slovakian Patrik Pollack.

“In these very changing conditions only all-rounder like Martin or me could win the series and I am very happy about the title in the end”, said the 25 year old surfer from Poland.

“I was very nervous before the last races started and the pressure was enormous. It is my biggest success so far to win the championship after a world title in the youth class at the age of 16. I love the atmosphere in the Raceboard class, it is pure amateur sport and very different to the Olympic RS:X class in which I train as well”, raved the polish surfer, who started for the first time during the Warnemuende Week.

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2009 Latvian NeilPryde Baltic Cup

2009 Latvian NeilPryde Baltic Cup event took place in Liepaja from June 27 to 28. Liepaja is located 220 km from Riga, Latvia's capital. Local musican have a popular song called; ''Liepaja - city where the wind is born!"

For organizers, it was also was one of the reasons why regatta was choosen to be there, because Latvian west coast has the most possibility to have good wind conditions.

Other reason was good cooperation with local windsurfing club Rietumkrasts and its president Janis Jekabsons, who helped and succesfuly managed and judged not only this event, but 2009 European Raceboard and Techno 293 Championship earlier this month in Liepaja. Third, the racing area was in bay, called Karaosta(war port), historically built and used by Soviet army as navy base, before Latvia gained independence in 1991.

The bay inside the port is huge and can provide good flat water conditions in almost all wind conditions. At last, econo mical situation changed in Latvia lot comparing last year. From growing GDP in average 10% a year, starting 2000, this year is expected to have bigges fall in EU, close to 17%. Currently, Latvian goverment is asking for financial aid from EU and International Monetary Fund.

Therefore, comparing previous years all main Cup sponsors like Audi, Pernod Ricard and other companies were cutting they marketing budgets and they sponsorship was close to zero comparing previous years.

Nevetheless, the racing spirit was very high. 51 Formula sailors from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia took part in the event. Besides Formula class where results are counted to word ranking list, also Raceboard, Techno 293 and RSX classes were taking part. In two days, there were 9 races for Raceboard fleet and 4 races for Formula class.

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