Winner To Wavesailor DVD

TeamPryde rider Lars Petersen is proud to announce that his eagerly anticipated and last film in Feed Your Soul Instructional Trilogy is finally complete! The name is "Winner To Wavesailor".

'Our aim have been clear: To create a wave sailing instructional masterpiece!' Winner to Wavesailor is the most comprehensive wavesailing instructional DVD ever produced. 

It’s aim is to guide people to be the best wavesailors they can be. From first day getting out in the waves to first loops, from down the line in cross off perfection to making the most of cross on waves, this movie has it all.

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2009 Freestyle Pro Kids World 2009

The sixth and last day of competition at the Junior and Youth Freestyle Worlds in Porto Pollo/Palau, Sardinia Italy had very good wind conditions since mid-morning when wind blows more than 25 knots. Just after for many hours a range between 30 and 25 knots allowed a fantastic day of racing.

In this excellent situation, Junior under 17 and Youth under 20 made their single, whose results will be added to the already raced double in order to decree the championship winners.

In Junior Under 17 division the four best have been Matteo Romeo ITA 493 vs. the Dutch Nick Van Ingen NED 122 and Bonaire's competitor Youp Schmit NB 12 vs the other Dutch Rick Hendrusch NED 120. Youp third and Romeo fourth. The final between the two Nick and Rick, usual in The Netherlands, ended with Rick as winner.

In Youth Under 20 division, Belgian Dieter Van der Eyken BEL 35 and Estonian Christofer Kalk EST 141 confirmed one time again in the top. But the Italian challengers changed than the previous double. Matteo Testa ITA 2610 and Marco Vinante ITA 205 reached the top.

Testa finished as fourth, Kalk as third. No story in the final where Van der Eyken, surely the best competitor in the championship, easily won, showing to the people on the beach a very good number of tricks.

Of course Dieter Van der Eyken BEL 35 won the Youth under 20 World title, a worthy prize for a very able competitor and a very nice guy. Silver medal for the Italian Mattia Fabrizi ITA 991  and third place for Vittorio Mazzocca Gamba ITA 52.

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PWA Costa Teguise in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands events are one of the most eagerly anticipated legs of the PWA World Tour; offering a fantastic combination of challenging, extreme and spectacular windsurfing. The variety of the conditions coupled with the consistency of the trade winds has made this Hispanic hideaway a world famous Mecca for windsurfing, and an integral part of the Tour.

Lanzarote has, in the past, played host to a variety of disciplines, however this year it returns as the first leg of the highly competitive PWA Freestyle circuit. Between the 30th June and 4th of July, the fleet heads back to Costa Teguise on Lanzarote’s Eastern coast - a perfect arena for the explosive amalgamation of wave and freestyle action.

This exposed sailing ground throws together a wonderful opportunity for Windsurfing’s elite, thanks to the combination of powerful swells, relentless wind, and flat water. These conditions are the strong foundations upon which freestyle has been built and has flourished, allowing sailors to mix breathtaking, aerial skill and complex, planing manoeuvrability into their repertoires.

Freestyle has had the greatest influence on modern windsurfing of all the disciplines, attracting a multitude of young, talented and inventive sailors, and offering them the chance to put their mark on the history of the Tour. The most recent moves have crossed the line between the traditional classification of ‘wave’ and ‘freestyle’ tricks, and as such, the sport has been taken in a new direction by the younger generation. 

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