Windsurfing Yearbook 2009

The brand new Windsurfing Yearbook has just been published and is ready and waiting for you.

The German language magazine comes stacked full of windsurfing action, including a sixteen-page gallery devoted to the top eleven finishers in the Cabo Verde PWA World Cup.

Also within the yearbook, you’ll find an in depth interview with Danny Bruch about his new sail number and localism on his home breaks around Tenerife, and the inside story about sail manufacturers Gun Sails.

On the equipment scene there’s a look at the trends of 2009 and up to 100 test reports which put 2009’s gear through its paces. In total the Windsurfing Yearbook has 164 pages!

Source: PWA World Tour

Allison Shreeve

Windsurfer Allison Shreeve failed her record bid to cross the Bass Strait.

The Sidney sportswoman had to pull out due to mild hypothermia and cramps about 80km off the Victorian coast. She had left Tasmania at 7.30am.

Very strong winds met Shreeve near Stanley, on Tasmania's north-west coast. The 27 year-old female windsurfer was expecting a 17 hour course, but very hard leg spasms defeated her attempt.

Support boat boarded her and land in San Remo, 40km east of Inverloch. Windsurfing at 26km/h during the Bass Strait cross journey, Allison Shreeve was surrounded by dolphins and seals, but the world speed record will have to wait.

Allison Shreeve had a 240km trip ahead in order to raise $100,000 for Coastcare. She made it over halfway and will surely do it next time.

Speed World Cup

The 2009 edition of the ISWC Speedworldcup Rulebook is online, and we want to draw your attention on the most important changes.

1. We are using the same base factors for the events (factor 3 for worlds, factor 2 for continentals and factor 1 for national events). 

For prizemoney events a factor of 1.0 is added, as well as for events with provisional timing and information about the current standing for riders and spectators. If both conditions apply, a factor of 1.5 is added. This shall encourage organizers to put price money and/or to invest in infrastructure and better services for the competitors, but also enables us to discover new venues with changing wind directions, where traditional land-based timing is not possible.

2. We have introduced a minimum participation level for national events of 10 competitors to be included in the world ranking.

3. The maximum number of competitors in world and continental championship events is 60 on a 500m course and 45 on a 250m course. 
This is to ensure better conditions for the sailors on high class events. The seeding will be based on the current world ranking.

4. The following riders are qualified by default for major events: top
5 worlds, top 5 production worlds, continental champions, plus top 5 from the current GPSSS 500m ranking.

5. Due to this limitation of starting slots the fines for no-shows have been changed. the default fine for a no-show is 50 Euro, for the top 20/6 (men/women) it is 100 Euro, for the top 10/4 it is 200 Euro, and for the top 5/2 it is 400 Euro. It is so easy to inform us in time that you cannot participate and then we can give your starting slot to another interested competitor. Please be fair !

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