Continuing her run of dominance after winning in Lanzarote, Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard, NeilPryde) took top honors in the first freestyle single elimination after defeating Daida Moreno (North Sails) in the final.

In the slalom fleet, Antoine Albeau (Starboard, NeilPryde) showed devastating form to win both race eliminations, adding to his run of first place finishes in all four race eliminations so far.

Women’s Freestyle Single Elimination

The first freestyle elimination hit the water in winds gusting up to 45 knots at times. In the first quarterfinal Laure Treboux (Fanatic, North Sails) and Sarah-Quita Offringa looked more comfortable than rivals Silvia Alba Orozco (MFC) and Yolanda Freites De Brendt (Fanatic, North Sails), landing more technical moves to advance into the semi final. Joining them were Junko Nagoshi (Simmer Sails) and Daida Moreno, who defeated opponents Iballa Moreno (North Sails), and Evi Tsape (Fanatic, NeilPryde).


Blue sky and solid wind welcomed the start of day two’s slalom spectacular. Swinging into action shortly after midday, the heats delivered mind-boggling racing from the outset. 
The dominant forces at work in the first round of race one were Micah Buzianis (JP, NeilPryde, MFC), Bjorn Dunkerbeck (North Sails, T1), Arnon Dagan (Fanatic, Gaastra) and Antoine Albeau (Starboard, NeilPryde), who all motored to the lead in their respective heats.
Entering the second round of heats, the wind dropped down and became very gusty, making the racing far more testing for the sailors. Shock came at the start of heat five, when Ben Van Der Steen (Exocet, Simmer Sails), Dunkerbeck, and Jesper Orth (Starboard, Severne) all crossed the start line early and were disqualified. In that same heat, Ross Williams (Tabou, Gaastra) adjusted to the changing conditions well, to sail a blisteringly fast race and advance into the final.

Also putting the hammer down to fend off the opposition were Buzianis, Finian Maynard (RRD, NeilPryde), Jimmy Diaz (North Sails) and Thomas Larsen (Mistral, NeilPryde), who took up positions in the final as well.


Turning up the heat from the word go, the fist rounds of competition exploded into action. Danny Bruch (Gaastra) started as he intended to go on, knocking out Aleix Sanllehy (F2, North Sails) in round one, then experienced rival Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Gaastra, Dakine, MFC) in round two.

Local, Marcos Perez (Exocet, Gun Sails) looked dangerous from the outset, fully utilizing his wealth of sailing experience in Pozo to string fluid and powerful turns together on the unpredictable waves. His downfall came when he met Marcilio Browne (Mistral, Gaastra) in the second round.

Levi Siver (Quatro, NeilPryde, Dakine, MFC) took an early exit at the hands of local wonder kid Philip Köster (F2, Neil Pryde), who proved he’s a talent not to underestimate as he continued to cause upset in subsequent rounds.