Tomahawk Foils

At this year’s RYA Volvo Dinghy Show, Weymouth-based Tomahawk Foils will unveil its Tomahawk foil, the surface running, ventilated hydrofoil it has invented and patented for both sailing and powered water craft.

The foil has been fitted to a windsurfer on display in the Palm Court and can also be seen on the Ovington Boats’ concept dinghy on Stand C88.

The foil’s inventor, Jonathan Howes explains the concept: “It’s a totally new type of hydrofoil that solves many of the problems inherent in conventional foil designs.

The ventilated design has features that give a wide operating speed range without moving parts and exceptional tolerance to rough water, making the windsurfer simpler, more versatile and easier to sail”

The concept uses subtle upper-surface shaping to provide progressive changes in lift force with increasing speed in a similar way to an aircraft’s wing flaps but without any moving parts.

This means that the windsurfer lifts on to the foils at a very low speed but automatically corrects for higher speeds, giving smooth performance throughout the speed range.

Ventilated surface running allows the foil to move in and out of waves with minimal impact on foiling performance and gives speed potential without sudden changes in handling due to uncontrolled ventilation or cavitation.

Not only does it fully exploit the concept’s forgiving characteristics, but a windsurfer fitted with the hydrofoil still behaves like a normal windsurfer.

The design has been tested, developed and refined by well-known, Weymouth sailor and dinghy manufacturer, Linton Jenkins.

He says: “The Tomahawk foil makes windsurfing enjoyable, fast, and refreshing. I’ve never had such fun windsurfing!”

West Kirby GPS Windsurfing Battle

A cold but sunny day saw many of our fastest sailors converge on West Kirby to do battle on the GPS speed ladder.

Fastest of the day was again Farrell Oshea on his new Moo with a maximum speed of 45 knots and a 42.2 knot 5 times 10 second average.

Closely followed by Steve Thorp in 2nd and Howie Rowson 3rd.

Conditions were slightly too light and tight for really quick times but everyone had a great time blasting down the wall for the first time in over 4 months.

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Wild Winds Freestyle Windsurfing Nationals

The Wild Winds Freestyle Windsurfing Nationals are being held this coming weekend, the 14th and 15th of March at Eastbourne in Wellington. It is going to be one hell of an event and is the first time a freestyle windsurfing event of this size has been run in New Zealand.

Freestyle windsurfing itself is a young discipline. It is essentially skateboarding on water and has been developed and grown over the last ten years bringing with it a fresh new face to windsurfing. Flips, spins and rotations of all height and speed is what freestyle is all about. Needless to say it is an amazing spectacle to behold.

Being the inaugural Freestyle Nationals for New Zealand, it is an anticipated event. With the help of the main sponsor, Wild Winds, as well as the Wellington Windsurfing Association, a national champion will finally be crowned in freestyle.

The event organizer and head judge, Tom Taylor, who has competed internationally on the professional windsurfing tour, is stoked to bring this event to fruition; “freestyle windsurfing is wicked, its fresh and new and now we are finally going to be able to showcase the talent that New Zealand has to offer at Eastbourne this weekend.”

Even the event format is being run in a new way. Rather than the usual heat format, where much of the action is out to sea and marks are given for consistency, the competition area will be a marked off box, just metres off the shore. Instead of consistency, the new format will reward radical moves and crowd appeal.

This new shift in competition format is brand new to New Zealand and will not only be more of a crowd pleaser, but will push competitors to go for the biggest, most extreme moves in order to impress the judges. Moves such as the coveted forward flip will be landed literally within metres of the beach. The ante has also been upped, thanks to Wild Winds, with $500 prize money up for grabs.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the event however, will be the jump ramp. A purpose built jump ramp is being transported to Wellington especially for the event. The jump works like any skateboard or bike ramp, propelling the windsurfers even higher into the air, allowing them to do bigger moves.

This is the first time a jump ramp has been used in competition in Australasia, and with its own prize money of $100, it will be an amazing addition to the Freestyle Nationals.

So come down and check it out, with music and a barbeque this really will be an extreme sports event that can’t be missed.