Levi Siver

The NeilPryde 2008 Australian Wavesailing Titles completed late on Sunday afternoon, the final day of competition, with side-offshore wind gusting over 40 knots and head to logo-high waves.  The level of sailing throughout the entire week was incredible with sailors demonstrating their versatility in a variety of conditions.  As usual though, Marrawah turned it on in the end and everyone enjoyed the challenge.

TeamPryde's Levi Siver traveled to Australia for the event to take part and give the some pro competition and rigging tips to the local competitiors.

Event Report and Final Results

With the early rounds of the single elimination completed on the second day of the event at Bluff Beach, tensions were rising on the third, fourth and fifth days as conditions didn’t suit resuming the competition.  Instead, sailors had the opportunity to check out other nearby breaks including Furries and Sundowner Point where conditions were either too onshore or too small for official competition but fun riding nonetheless.  Some great free-sailing was also had on the fourth day with good waves and strong but nearly directly offshore conditions giving sailors a taste of starboard tack wavesailing in a week dominated by the more predominant port tack conditions.

Towards the end of the week, the forecast for the final day got better and better and it was soon clear the conditions would be firing most of day with a peak in the swell and wind increasing throughout the day.  It was a long day for many competitors starting with the single elimination finals and then followed through to complete double eliminations for the Open and Masters divisions.

In both cases, the single elimination winner was undefeated in the double elimination and Mike Westra and Matt Cudmore claimed the titles.  However, both were closely fought with Dan Berry, defending champion, beaten narrowly in the first final but unable to mount a successful comeback in the nuclear wind.  In the Masters division, Warren Holder put up an incredible challenge but didn’t have the same aggressiveness and consistency that the judges saw from Matt Cudmore.


Gabriel Browne 

The Brasil Soccer Team has won 5 FIFA World Champion Soccer Title over the last years and with Marcilio Browne, winning the first title already 9 month after joining Mistral, we all could see which potential, skills and talent these riders have. We have searched a lot for new talents and now we are very proud to present another two outstanding YOUNG GUNS from Brasil, which we will also push to the Top of Windsurfing:

Gabriel Browne, 15year old Brother of acting PWA World Champion Marcilio Browne, is the new Slalom Future from Fortaleza and has won already the Brasil Slalom Nationals.

Edvan Souza, 20year old from Jeri (Brasil) – 2nd Brasil Freestyle Championship 2007, will join the 2008 PWA Freestyle Events and show the world that Brasil has more Champion riders like Kauli and Marcilio.


SOURCE: Mistral

Niklas Strahlen 

Nordic Freestyle Champion 2007 Niklas Stråhlen (S-4444) has joined Simmer Style for the 2008 season.

Niklas is currently in Brazil working on a few new moves for the upcoming season.