Ice windsurfing: colder than cold | Photo: WISSA

The wind chill temperature is the combination of the cooling effect of wind and temperature. Windsurfers, kiteboarders, and wave riders, in general, have certainly felt how wind reduces comfort when they're out in the water on a cold and windy winter day. So, how does cold air feels on human skin?

One of the most stable variables in our body's equation is temperature. The average human body temperature ranges between 98.2° and 98.6 °F (36.8° and 37°C). Wind can easily change that.

According to NOAA's National Weather Service, when you're sailing and wind increases, "the body is cooled at a faster rate, driving down both the skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature."

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Alberto Menegatti: a star in the sky at 29 | Photo: PWA World Tour

Alberto Menegatti has died at the age of 29. The race windsurfing specialist would turn 30 on April 5th, 2015.

The pro windsurfer's body was found by friends in his flat, in Tenerife. They started getting worried when Menegatti failed his daily exercises routines at the beach.

Alberto's body was found lying on the bed in the same position in which he had fallen asleep the night before, without any signs of violence. The 2013 PWA Slalom Windsurfing vice champion may have died in his sleep due to sudden illness.

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Port and Starboard: the sail in relation to the wind | Photo: Carter/PWA World Tour

There's a reason why port and starboard are words technically used to designate the left and right sides, respectively. Actually, in order to understand them, we must travel back through time.

It could be simpler, but some things in life have to be more complex. It is just the way it is. Port and starboard are often subject of confusion and misunderstandings. Even the most experienced sailors change the nautical left/right terms, once in a while.

Port and starboard are expressions that are not only used to express the relation of a watercraft to the wind, but also between sailing vehicles. But why do we call the left side of a windsurfer "port" and the right side "starboard"?

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