Windsurfing: in the end, it's all smile | Photo: Carter/PWA

A new found passion for windsurfing can be totally life-changing. It will likely invigorate your soul and increase happiness. So, why don't we get a group of windsurfing enthusiasts into the laboratory room?

Swedish health promotion specialist Henrik Beyer believes that conducting studies on windsurfer's experiences could lead to increased understanding of what passion and happiness really are.

"Hearing from windsurfers and how their life changed after starting to windsurf is quite inspiring. They seem to have found a mystical life force to enjoy and live through," notes Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing."

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2015 US Windsurfing Nationals: Jesper accelerates | Photo: Daniel Gallet

Jesper Vesterstroem is the grand winner of the 2015 US Windsurfing National Championship, a three-day event held in Cabrillo Beach, California.

The Danish windsurfer claimed the Formula and Slalom divisions. Xavier Ferlet, his legendary archrival, had to content himself with a double victory in the Masters category of both Formula and Slalom competitions.

"Amazing event with lots of great people. The weather treated us perfect, and the wind was strong and challenging every day. Big thanks to the organizers, US Windsurfing, and sponsors for making this event possible," wrote Vesterstroem.

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Aichen Wang: gold at Aquece Rio 2015 | Photo: Renedo/ISAF

Aichen Wang and Charline Picon have conquered the gold medals at the Aquece Rio 2015, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The second sailing test event in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition attracted 339 sailors from 52 nations. The organization tested six race courses, three outside of Guanabara Bay and three inside.

In the final medal race, Wang knew he only needed to finish in the top eight and gold would be his. Byron Kokkalanis tried to reach out his Chinese rival, but he also had to keep an eye on the other opponents.

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