Slalom windsurfing: popular as ever

US Windsurfing has announced that Slalom will be part of the US National Racing Tour (NRT) 2014.

The US National Racing Tour (NRT) is an exciting year-long race for points. Racers are automatically entered when they participate in some of the most prestigious events in the country, and accrue points based on their results at each of those events.

The points system rewards top finishes, but also participation, as no one who makes the effort to attend an event leaves without points.


Steven Van Broeckhoven: he loves to win

Steven Van Broeckhoven has won the 2014 Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship, at Podersdorf, Austria.

The final format was changed from two to three runs for each rider, with the best one counting, so that spectators had more action, and riders would risk more new tricks.

The first round saw a lot of "safer" moves like funnels and double funnels, with some noteworthy performances by Adrien Bosson and Steven Van Broeckhoven who showed burner-funnel combinations and Adam Sims who went for a Spock, clearly wanting to double it up.


Tom Monnet: heading to the Lake Garda cliffs | Photo: Patrik Pollak

Tom Monnet and Noy Drihan have been crowned the 2014 Techno 293 European champions, in the Under 17 division, at Lake Garda, Italy.

The event attracted the largest number of windsurfers in the history of the Techno 293 European Championships. A total of 300 athletes from 27 countries competed in five divisions.

Tom Monnet, 14, totally blew away the competition to take the Under 17 Boys European champion title, with a clear 27-point lead over his nearest rivals, Alec Herledan and Titouan Le Bosq.