Défi Wind: 1000 windsurfers sailing 40 kilometers | Photo: Jean-Marc Cornu/Red Bull

The 15th edition of Défi Wind will feature more than 1200 windsurfers, at Gruissan, in France. The event will run from 14th-17th May, 2015.

Pro and amateur sailors of all windsurfing discipline have only one goal: to cross the finish line of one of the world's largest racing marathon. Twelve world champions will attend the competition, including Antoine Albeau, Philip Koster, Jason Polakow, Thomas Traversa and Bjorn Dunkerbeck.

The 2015 Défi Wind has entries from 34 nations. The rider's age ranges from 13 to 71 years of age, and they will aim at the 40-kilometer adventure with the help of the famous Tramontana wind.

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Snow sailing: who said windsurfing needs water?

A group of windsurfers from Montreal is getting into wind skateboarding, wind skiing, and wind snowboarding when the cold temperatures freeze the local waters. And fun is their middle name.

They say that even if it is cold - an average temperature of -15 - it feels like summer in their minds. And it is true, at least judging for their latest snow sailing video.

"We do have some wind, but it's not warm all year long. First, you need some good conditions to sail with skis or a snowboard. To get it easier, you want hard snow, solid to icy. A little bit of powder will slow you down, but it will be better when you fall," explains Guy Trudeau.

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Original Windsurfer: stealing waves from surfer in Malibu | Photo: OriginalWindsurfer.com

The history of windsurfing if full of hidden secrets, untold tales, controversial debates, and unique testimonials. The truth behind the invention of the sport itself is not absolutely clear, but a few names are inevitably linked to windsurfing.

Diane and Hoyle Schweitzer, S. Newman Darby, Jim Drake, Peter Chilvers, Arnaud de Rosnay and Richard Eastaugh are some of the characters deeply connected to the birth of the wind sport.

In "Wind & Water - The Invention of Windsurfing," director Bill Weir gathered historical footage and relevant information about the origins of the outdoor activity. Weir succumbed to brain cancer (1963-2009) but he left a paramount documentary.

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