Luderitz Speed Challenge: fast and fun | Photo: LSC

Up to 40 windsurfers and kiteboarders from 14 countries will compete for world records at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia.

The speed sailing event will be run in the Namib Desert, between October 5th and November 15th. Sébastien Cattelan, the founder of the Luderitz Speed Challenge, wants more world records to be broken.

The annual competition has already staged 12 world records and 75 national windsurfing and kiteboarding speed records. Antoine Albeau, the fastest windsurfer on planet Earth, will return to Namibia to try and beat his own record of 52.05 knots set on his 500-meter run in 2012.

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Windsurfing: learn the points of sail | Photo: Carter/PWA

The points of sail represent the range of angles and directions that the windsurfer and the board can sail in relation to the wind.

There six essential points of sail: the no-go zone, close-hauled, close reach, beam reach, broad reach and run. A windsurfer will always be on either a starboard tack or port tack, except when headed to the wind (in irons).

In theory, if you sail in a circle, you will navigate through all of these points of sail. But before taking a look at the board's orientation in relation to the wind, let's analyze them one by one:

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Downwind: the most unstable point of sailing | Photo: Carter/PWA

Learning how to sail downwind is a basic windsurfing technique. Discover how find the balance quick and easy.

If you're a windsurfing beginner and you've just managed to sail upwind, you will need to master the art of sailing with the wind. Initially, the problem is just that you feel too much power in the sail.

As a result, it's never easy to keep the right balance between you, the board and the sail. The first useful tip is that you should keep your body low, and use it to counterbalance the increased pull of the rig.

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