Makkum: the new speed sailing channel of the Netherlands | Photo: Speed Team Makkum

The Speed Team Makkum have announced the creation of a speed sailing channel in Makkum, a small coastal town located in the northwest of the Netherlands.

The stakes are high. Europe aims to become the speed sailing capital; France and the Netherlands have been improving the conditions and chasing world records in speed sailing.

"Last winter, we've worked on our speed channel under total secrecy. We tested it last Saturday for the first time, and we immediately understood it will be possible to hit records close to those in Luderitz," the Speed Team Makkum explains.

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Gonzalo Costa Hoevel: black power

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel has joined the Point-7 Black Team.

The rider from Argentina is the latest addition to the dark side of windsurfing. Hoevel started sailing when he was nine-years-old. In 1997, Gonzalo won the Youth World Championships in Sopot.

"People asked me many times about the sails. A lot of people in Argentina followed the tour in the last years and in the beginning the only thing they asked me was about those new stylish black sails," says Costa Hoevel.

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Jonathan Dunnett: he will circumnavigate Britain without on-water support

Jonathan Dunnett will try to be the first windsurfer to sail around Britain without on-water support. He expects to travel 2214 miles (1924 nautical miles; 3563 kilometres).

The 41-year-old web designer from Essex will kick off his adventure by windsurfing under Tower Bridge, in London. The journey will take about three months to complete.

Jonathan will set sail at midday, on June 13th, 2015, knowing that only three windsurfers managed to complete the circumnavigation with yacht or powerboat support.

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