Tony Vandenberg: he survived alligators | Photo: Tony Vandenberg

Tony Vandenberg is the first windsurfer ever to complete the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge (NCC), a 100-mile sailing marathon held in the Pamlico Sound region.

It's one of the toughest sailing experiences in the world. The NCC is a circular race in a counterclockwise direction with start and finish at the same location on Cedar Island.

Kayakers and sailors are expected to complete the race in two days. Alligators occasionally come up to greet the adventurers. Tony Vandenberg finished the event in fourth overall, first in the Class 4 sailing division.


Jose Gollito Estredo: cheese roll to title six | Photo: PWA/Carter

Jose "Gollito" Estredo has secured his sixth PWA Freestyle World Tour title, at the 2014 Davidoff Cool Water Windsurf World Cup Sylt, in Germany.

With light winds blowing in the final day of competing, Estredo used his victory in the single elimination to claim another world windsurfing title.

In the winners' final, dominated with big, powerful air moves - starting with a monster shaka before adding a trademark pasko and a double culo. Jose came into the final event of the season in third place. Now, he's all smiles.


Windsurfing: balance training is a controversial issue | Photo: PWA/Carter

Balance training has been shown to be effective in rehabilitation and in the prevention of falls in elderly people, but will it increase windsurfing performance? Windsurfer and health promoter Henrik Beyer leaves us an insight into what research has to say about it.

According to a systematic review in the Journal of Athletic Training (2010), researchers claim that the current discussion in scientific literature on the effect of balance training for improvements in functional performance is more speculative than evidence-based.

Henrik Beyer, author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing," is still not convinced that balance training is necessary for uninjured windsurfers. It's a controversial issue.