Formula Festival 2008

Due to unforseen circumstances the organisers have decided to move the venue for the 2008 Formula World Festival from Paracas to Ancon.

Ancon is situated just 44 km north of the capital, Lima. The town is situated on a bay of the same name, and is "maybe the finest beach club and bay in Peru".

Ricardo Guglielmino, for the organising committee, commented: "The advantages of Ancon are that is closer to the airport, have more facilities than Paracas and is really good wind in December, mostly 15-25 knots, daily. It is Summer, with great weather!"

The Peruvian Windsurfing Association is based in Ancon. The airport is closer to the venue; and free airport transfers to Ancon for 3 days before and the day after the event are available for all competitors.

Ricardo again: "A few important things - Ancon is close to the capital of Peru, so it's fun to be there in New Year, and all media and coverage will be closer too. For competitors is a really nice bay, with entertainment all day and night. Apart from the event, we have also got from the main Yacht Club there the invitation to their New Year's party for all, including families of competitors."

For competitors travelling to Ancon from outside South America - the cost of living is relatively inexpensive.


Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research 

The first main fundraising event for Windsurfing 4 Cancer will happen on Sunday, 3rd May 2009.

On this date you are asked to join many hundreds of other windsurfers around the country who will get on the water (at their own local location or at Hayling Island).

At Hayling you can join some of the top windsurfers (Dave White and others) on the water. Many will be on the water at “Sunrise”. However you do not have to sail throughout the day, just get sponsored and get on the water.


Inlet To Inlet Distance Race

The i-to-i, (Inlet to Inlet Distance Race), is a windsurfing long distance ocean race that runs from Fort Lauderdale's South Beach Park, around channel markers at Port Everglades Inlet and Hillsboro Inlet, and returns to South Beach Park.

This will be the 6th year running of this exciting event. There is no entry fee for the event to view or participate.

The I-to-I will never be a cakewalk! It's a long way on anything. I have run most of the course on a slalom board myself to test things out and it's not easy on that gear either. The I-to-I is loosely modeled after the San Francisco Classic where in a good year 50% of the fleet can finish.

The I-to-I race is easier with generally lighter winds, always warmer water, an easier course to find, and not quite as far. The I-to-I isn't just about beating your competitors, it's about challenging yourself to go the distance in whatever nature throws at us the day of the race. Gnarly, is when there is no wind and the race can take 4+ hours to finish.

Last year it was won in only 1 hour and 12 minutes with just 30 seconds separating 1st and 2nd place. We had a record number of entrants and a record 13 finishers out of 18 starters, who did the whole course. Everyone that went the distance will feel like they earned it. Those that didn't can try again this year.

The I-to-I is not a slalom race, course race, or wave event, it is an exciting long distance race that is run to challenge the entrants and to have a different venue than any other race in the USA. It's one of the few races held in the ocean anywhere in the world. Negotiating the waves while on the course, launching, landing, is part of sailing in the ocean.

It is also an NRT ranking event and the classes supported are those US Windsurfing ranks; Formula, Formula FE, Hybrid, and Open. If you want to race on a slalom board, someone could enter the race in Open class, but the course will remain the same with marks at Port Everglades Inlet and Hillsboro Inlet being primary to the race.