Fort de Soto Park: perfect for windsurfers | Photo:

Two windsurfers have successfully completed a 375-mile adventure between Fort de Soto Park to Key Largo, in Florida.

Tony Vandenberg and Sean Hawes have completed the difficult journey in seven days, sailing between 12 and 14 hours a day.

The team participated in the 14th edition of the Everglades Challenge. They are the first windsurfers to complete the race that connects St. Petersburg and Key Largo.


Indoor windsurfing: turning the wind on

The world's best windsurfers will return to an indoor windsurfing event between 5th-7th September, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland.

Up to 50,000 spectators will have the opportunity to watch windsurfers sailing around the 90-meter long pool. The contest will provide artificial winds of between 15 and 37 knots.

The indoor windsurfing event is part of the PWA World Tour. The pool will be installed in the National Stadium, a retractable roof football arena opened on the 29th January, 2012.


Nicolas Akgazciyan: testing his 99th windsurf board

Nicolas Akgazciyan has joined the 99novenove windsurfing team.

The freestyle windsurfer from France will be sailing with boards designed by Cesare Cantagalli and Gianni Valdambrini, founders of 99novenove.

"It's not easy to leave what you know for something new unknown, especially when moving to a new brand. I like their philosophy, the way they like to express and show the lifestyle of windsurfing," explains Nicolas Akgazciyan.