Australian Wavesailing National Titles: shredding lips

Ben Severne has claimed the 2014 Australian Wavesailing National Titles, at Phillip Island.

For the second consecutive year, Ben Severn is the Australian Wavesailing champion. The veteran windsurfer left Stuey Martin and James McCarthy-Price in the remaining podium places.

On Sunday morning, Severne woke up with cold sweats and a putrid infection on his foot. Next day, he was up and sailing at Sandy Point.


Brien Cummings: spraying his opponents

Brien Cummings has won the New South Wales Wavesailing Titles 2013/2014, at Gerroa.

Despite the good looking forecast, light winds and small waves presented themselves to competitors, in the first day of competition.

Eventually, the wind built up to a strength deemed contestable and the single elimination could get underway.


Jason Polakow: high and dry

If you're a windsurfer and you don't know Jason Polakow, it's time to learn fast. Discover the Australian's five magic waves.

Jason Polakow is "the" wave windsurfer. And it's all said. He has survived the most extreme maritime conditions, the heaviest waves, and the strongest winds.

But what are his favorite breaks? "The northwest coast of Australia has tons of incredible waves, and with the right resources - a proper off-road vehicle - you can get some incredible rides," explains Polakow.