Astrid Muldoon

As the usual sponsorship transfer window looks to come to an end, Astrid Muldoon has snuck in a last minute change to the North Sails / Fanatic team for the start of the 2009 season.

Leaving her long time partnership with JP-Australia and NeilPryde, here’s what Muldoon has to say about her recent change:

“The last strong Tramontane winds brought me new toys. I’m very happy about this change, and pleased to announce you this marvellous news. First of all I want to thank my partners who have followed me since the footstraps entered my life - JP Australia and NeilPryde. They allowed me to follow the World Cup and to live entirely my passion.

Today I am very proud to come into a team of exception: Fanatic and North Sails. These new “toys” will accompany me now along my trips on the French and international coasts, as well as on the competitions of the AFF (French Championships) and the PWA (World Cup).

Since many years I have already been sharing the waves with the national and international team of Fanatic and North Sails. This will be a great pleasure for me being able to work with the team and to represent this fabulous equipment, which they have developed, conceived and produced for all of our biggest happiness.”

Gabriel Browne

Great days in Miami! The forecast for the weekend wasn't looking good, but in Miami you never know what is going to happen.

Saturday morning the wind was very light but around 2pm the wind started to pick up and at 3pm we did the first race of the day. The wind was perfect for 11's and 12's,average of 16 knots and gusts up to 22 knots.

The course was 2 laps upwind/downwind. I had good speed with my new Starboard 162 and TR5 XT 12. I won all the 4 races of the day.Loic from France also with good board speed with starboard had good results finishing the day on 2nd place and Fernando in 3rd.

On Sunday we did 4 more races. The wind was lighter than saturaday,around 8 knots in the first race and 12 knots in the other ones.I was using my 12 TR5 XT again. This sails feels great !! Good speed upwind and it is extremely fast on downwind.I was using the recommended DH for all the races ( Saturday I had +0.5cm). I won all the races of the event !! :)

Miami is a incredible place for FW and slalom. Flat water and this time of the year there is always some wind.

The event site was the U.S sailing center.

Words by Gabriel Browne

Liepaja Windsurfing Festival

The 2009 Raceboard and IMCO European Championships will take place from 4th to 7th June as part of the Liepaja Windsurfing Festival.

This will be the first time the classes have held a major championship in Latvia, but the sanctioning of this regatta by IWA is testimony to the drive and enthusiasm for the sport that exists in the both Latvia and this region of the Baltic.

The event will be organised by the Latvian Windsurfing Association, in conjunction with Liepaja City and the windsurfing club Rietumkrasts. The event will be based at the Liepaja Beach.

Conditions to be expected – winds: 4-16 knots; water temperature: 15°C; air temperature: 15-20°C. The event is organised in conjunction with the Liepaja city and windsurfing club Rietumkrasts.