2009 Fuerteventura Wave Classic

Yesterday night was the closing Ceremony, which has been held in Corralejo, in a typical local small restaurant on the sea "La Cantina".

Everyone was there, the top riders, the locals hosts, the organization crew, the photographer, the rescue staff and also the Mayor of La Oliva.

After some tasty tapas and some drinks for all, Orlando Lavandera finally rewarded the winning team of this first Fuerteventura Wave Classic, and every riders also have voted for top rider of the event.

Here are the 2009 FWC official results:

(According to the best points each rider has brought to his team during his heats, after 6 heats completed)
Stephane ETENNE (Exocet/Gun Sails) / Robin GOFFINET (7th Wave/Ezzy) / Boujmaa GUILLOUL (Starboard/Severne)

After a riders'vote (12 positive votes on 15) Thomas TRAVERSA (Tabou/Gaastra) easily takes the trophy!

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Okinawa Cup

Okinawa Cup was held at Okinawa, south part of Japan, from February 20 to 22. This event is the last event of the 2008 series and the opening race for Japan Professional Windsurfing Association (JPWA) 2009 series.

Day 1, it was good condition for the race. MauiSails riders selected 5.9-7.0 sail for the first race. Norio led the complete races from preliminary heat to the final.  No one could get him before he crossed the finish line.

It was actually the first time for Norio to use TR-5 6.6 in the race. After the race, he mentioned he felt very comfortable with it. It was easy to handle and gave him good speed. No doubts on the high quality of the super sail, TR-5!

Toru, was newly joined to the MauiSails Japan team and Okinawa cup is the first event for him. As a member of MauiSails Japan team, Toru got third place at the first race. He gave big surprise to other competitors and audiences.  At the same time, he must show the potential of the sail. His TR-5 sails couldn't be arrived before Okinawa cup unfortunately. Therefore, he challenged with three TR-4 sails only.

Second race of the Day1 : Got more windy.  Norio chose TR-5 5.9, Toru TR-4 6.3 and Daisuke TR-4 5.5.

Norio played out perfect races and won a sweeping victory. Wonder who could stop him and MauiSails? No one... Daisuke got fourth place.  He could do revenge for the first race. At the first race, his sail (7.0) was a little too big since the wind went up during the race.

Day 2 and 3. No wind for the race. The biggest slalom race in Japan was closed with the result of first-day two races. Obviously, MauiSails Japan team could make a good start for 2009 season!

1st Norio Asano (point: 1.1)
4th Toru Sakai (3.6) - newly joined to MauiSails Japan team
5th Daisuke Ikoma (7.4)

1st race: Norio/TR-5 6.6, Toru/TR-4 6.3, Daisuke/TR-4 7.0
2nd race: Norio/TR-4 5.9, Toru/TR-4 6.3, Daisuke/TR-4 5.5

RS:X South American Championships

Finally a day with strong winds.

In Division A Alex Guyader (FRA 7) (1-6-5-4-7-12-1-1) won the 2 races and Ricardo Santos "Bimba" (BRA 1) (2-2-3-8-6 -2-3-4) with great regularity re-assumed the leadership of the championship. Already Shahar Zubari (ISR 11) (11-3-1-2-3-1-6-10) with 2 not so good results lost the lead. Only 10 points separate the first 7 sailors and all with chances in the Medal Race today.

In Division B, we can say that the almost unbeatable Marina Alabau (ESP 5) (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-4) preferred to keep all their forces for the Medal Race and rest in race 8. Already Flavia Tartaglini (ITA 46) (3-2-3-2-3-2-7-1) won the race breaking the 8 bullets serie of Spanish girl.

Here the task of the other competitors at the Medal race is a bit more difficult, since the Spanish has an advantage of 9 points for Flavia, 10 points for Blanca Manchon (ESP 1) (2-3-2-12-2 -3-2-3) and 21 points for Eugenie Ricard (FRA 22) (4-4-4-5-4-4-3-11), the latter has no more mathematical chances.

In division C, Renato Amaral (BRA 179) (11-14-14-8-7-14-11-2) with the stronger wind and at home, achieved his best result in race 8 and consolidated its leadership virtually guaranteeing the South American U19 title (youth).

For the last day the Medal Races for divisions A and B will add a whole of expects at the end of the championship. With the double points and without the opportunity to discard their results, the first 10 put everything at stake in search of the title, leaving still a large number of mathematical possibilities.

No doubt and once again, the Medal Race adds an extra spice to the championship and creates great anxiety for all who participate and monitor the championship.

Demita (MEX 5) (7-7-5-4-5-6-10-9) goes to the Medal Race with great chance to confirm the South American title in Division B but should be very attentive to Brazilian Patricia Freitas (BRA 818) (6-5-8-7-11-9-8-6).

Even before the end of the championship we can draw some conclusions. The RSX class grows in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, given by the large number of young sailors.

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