PWA 2008

With the 2008 Constructors Championship Ranking being one of the closest fought battles in the competition’s history, the final standings witnessed a tie for first place between sail manufacturers, North and NeilPryde.

Initial ruling crowned NeilPryde the victors ahead of North Sails, subsequent to PWA tiebreak regulations. However, a thorough investigation into the technicalities of the situation has revealed that the pair were so closely matched, it’s impossible to determine a conclusive winner.

After much deliberation, the PWA has made the decision to amend the Constructors Championship Ranking, and award both NeilPryde and North Sails equal first position.

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Channel Crossing 2008

On Monday the 20th October, Guy Cribb and 13 X British Windsurfing Champion successfully crossed the English Channel in under 6 hours in stormy seas and raging winds.

Guy Cribb along with French windsurfer Antoine Albeau windsurfed over 70 nautical miles (more than 130 kms) from Cherbourg to Poole, Dorset. The windsurfers tackled 4m waves, giant tankers and narrowly avoided 10 metre planks of wood that were floating in the channel.

They sailed up to speeds of 30 knots and fought exhaustion and excruciating cramp to raise money for the Ellen MacArthur Trust and their French counterpart A Chacun Son Cap.

An extremely exhausted Guy said:

"That was the longest blast ever; it was so tough with no land in sight for so long. It was hard to gauge how well we were doing or where we were because the waves were mast high. The sea was incredibly rough, consistently rough throughout the entire journey which meant we couldn’t sail too fast because the conditions were so dangerous. We were on a port tack for the majority of the crossing; I got cramp in places I didn’t even know I could get cramp! The best moment was seeing England about an hour to the end. In seriousness I didn’t think I was going to make it but seeing land gave me a sudden burst of energy.

Doing it for a children's charity, especially a charity that gives people confidence through sailing kept me going. I'm shattered, my hands and feet are bleeding, but we've done it. I'd like everyone who has not donated anything yet to donate some now at as we've busted ourselves to complete this mission! Thanks!"

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Weymouth Speed Week 

Weymouth speed week was superb this year, with the harbour record being broken on the 1st day by Anders Bringdal at 38.52 knots. Three great counting rounds in the week which gave us our speed champions for 2008 Pete Young with 37.29 knots and Zara Davis with 30.89 knots. Prizes and Trophy were donated by Spartan wetsuits.

It was also a counting round of the ISWC Speed world cup. Results for the UKWA and the ISWC are available. has more results and pictures.

Liam Round took the honours for the second year running, being the fastest junior windsurfer at the start of Weymouth Speedweek. 16 year old Exocet rider Liam notched up a speed of 32.27 on Saturday breaking the previous junior record by 3.88 knots. Unfortunately for Liam he lost  out on the overall title to Martin Hayes a kiteborder who posted a speed of 32.43knots.

Liam wasn’t too disappointed though as Anders Bringdal presented him with a 7m X15, courtesy of Tushingham sails who sponsor the Junior Windsurf prize.

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