Antoine Albeau

Following mounting suspicion, Antoine Albeau has now confirmed that he’ll be sailing JP boards for the 2009 season.

Both Albeau’s current sponsor, Starboard, and JP seemed keen to have the multiple world champion on their teams, however Albeau chose to pursue a new direction at JP.

“This was a rather big decision for me. I am glad that I went for it and I am very happy that I will be part of JP next year. I really look forward to work with Werner Gnigler and the whole JP team. I will be very involved in the development of the performance oriented boards within the JP line and I can’t wait to get started.”

Albeau will officially join the JP team on the 1st of February 2009, where he’ll be under a three year contract with the brand.

There’s on going speculation that JP may have to cut their team down to make way for the new signing of Albeau, though as yet no official statement has been made by JP.

 Craig Bergh

Windsurfing has always been about speed.  Racing is always about speed, although far more than speed is involved.  We all drag race our friends for beer and bragging rights. 

Over the past decade many people have been tinkering around trying to calculate the speed of sailors and their windsurfing feats of daring do!  

Recent development of global position system (GPS) devices have made accurate tracking of speed possible, and speed contest efforts took a major step forward this year through the efforts of Craig Bergh of Worthington, Minnesota.

Over the past four years Craig has endeavored to build the sport of speed sailing and make it accessible to all sailors.  U.S. Windsurfing thinks he has done precisely that!  Each summer for the past 4 years Craig has offered his time and expertise, inviting sailors from far and wide. 

To increase the attractiveness of this effort, all sailors receive free use of state of the art GPS systems and state of the art speed sailing gear. 

High Wind alerts are usually sent out 24-48 hours in advance and sailors arrive to try their hand in the gusty winds of Worthington.  Craig has created an event that accommodates all categories-- Youth, Women, Formula, Hybrid, and Longboard. 

The event is open to sailors from April 15th to Oct. 15th, and was a major attraction at this year’s Nationals in Worthington. 

In true Worthington fashion, local citizens, businesses and many windsurfing manufacturers have contributed to this event to allow prizes to be awarded, and the Mid-West Speed Quest has the largest cash prize in the U.S. 

United States Windsurfing salutes Craig Bergh for his contribution to the world of windsurfing and speed sailing!

2008 ISWC World Cup

Cyril Moussilmani (FRA, Fanatic, North) and Valerie Ghibaudo (FRA, Loft Sails) take the victory of the 2008 ISWC World Cup Ranking. The final stage of the Production Speed World Cup 2008 was held in Dungarvan Bay, Waterford where the winners were announced on Saturday Dec 7, 2008.

After 12 events, three of them categorized as continental or world championship grade, the actual ISWC world ranking incorporates a total of 394 sailors from 22 nations, representing 3 continents.

With four events sailed, Cyril Moussilmani was able to defeat Ben van der Steen (NED) and reigning world champion Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard). In the ladies division, Valerie Ghibaudo discarded the last event of the season in Dungarvan and still took victory over Zara Davis (GBR) and Marion Raisi (FRA).

The ISWC world ranking is a "rolling ranking", which includes the results of every competitor in the past 12 month and reflects the current status of each sailor and brand. With more national events to be included to the world ranking in 2009, the challenge for the 2009 world cup title will become even more thrilling.

Several of the fastest men and women on water in the entire world converged on Dungarvan, County Waterford, since November 28, for the final stage of the World Production Speed Sailing Cup 2008.

Commenting on the event, Irish Speed sailing Vice Champion and event organiser Martin Waldron said, “Unfortunately the winds were unusually poor for the week of the competition so an official stage didn’t take place, but many of the sailors took to the Irish waters and had lots of fun enjoying their time in Ireland for the week.

We are however planning on hosting the World event in 2009 including the Kite Surfing World event again; as Dungarvan Harbour due to the sand spit and the lack of currents would be ranked in the top ten speed sailing venues in the world, so we are looking forward to planning the event for next year and hopefully we’ll get lots of wind!”

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