Wind: an inspiring energy | Photo: Carter/PWA

The invisible force has been inspiring poets, writers and philosophers for centuries. Wind is a powerful energy, an uncontrollable movement of air that changes lives and travels forever.

Wind is everywhere. The transparent punch, the omnipotent breeze, wind is constantly surrounding our daily actions. Whether you're crossing the streets or tanning on a beach, you can always feel it in your face and skin.

Do you think you know everything about the wind? Maybe not. Artists and thinkers have been using the mysteries of the wind to colorize their creations. Let's dive into the erratic and restless world of wind.

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Stubby TE: is that a nose or a tail?

Fanatic says it's the best-kept secret in the windsurfing scene. Meet the new Stubby TE, a whole new concept, an exciting and strange new windsurf board.

The Stubby TE is the result of a fight against the standards of board design. Who said noses can't be square? Why can't you get a wide double diamond tail on a windsurf board?

"We decided to evolve this project secretly and unleash it as a nice surprise for the scene. Stepping on the Stubby for the first time eliminates any doubts in an instant and refreshes your perspective on board design," explains Fanatic.

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Carlos Pro: a real windsurfer with real sails

Attitude Sails has announced it will be working closely with Carlos Pro in the development of their range of gear for "real windsurfers."

The brand founded in 2014 believes it should design sails for "95% of the windsurf population, mostly recreational sailors to weekend warriors." That is why Attitude Sails is focused on building quality and fairly-priced products.

Carlos Pro is a fireman and graphic designer from Alicante, in Spain, and he will be one of the company's "real windsurfers" for "keeping it real."

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