DaSail: SUP paddle that works as a windsurfing sail | Photo: Sailpaddle

And now for something completely different. Have you ever tried a stand-up paddle with a small, built-in windsurfing sail? Yes, it's been invented.

The reviews are interesting, and its simplicity invites us to try it. Why not? When the waves are not good, and you're tired of cruising around, just rig it.

The mast is already there, and all you have to do is slide out the sail, and ride away powered by the wind. Sailpaddle's original DaSail SUP Paddle is one of the first models to hit the market.

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Björn Dunkerbeck: watching son Liam breaking his father's record | Photo: Red Bull

It's official the 2016 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge will crown speed sailing world champions, from June 1st-5th, in Fuerteventura's Matas Blancas, Canary Islands.

The event designed by Björn Dunkerbeck will simultaneously host the 2016 ISWC World Championship and, as a result, the competition will crown world champions in two divisions - Men and Women. Youth and Junior sailors will also receive awards for their performances.

Speed is probably one of the most exciting disciplines in windsurfing. And the stakes are set high. The world record for the fastest ever windsurf run - 53.27 knots - belongs to Antoine Albeau. The French raised the bar in Namibia during the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge.

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Foil windsurfing: the Toen Joop Nederpelt 1970s-1980s experiences

Toen Joop Nederpelt is one of the most influential personalities in the history of windsurfing. And 25 years ago, he was a pioneer of foil boarding.

We now know that, but back in the day, it was not easy to understand if it was worth it. Especially, when you had to "attach" the hydrofoil to the heavy windsurf boards.

Nederpelt was always busy thinking of the next big thing to do in windsurfing. Holland's first windsurfer was responsible for creating the world's longest windsurf board. His 18-meter windsurfer sailed away with nine sailors.

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