Freestyle windsurfing: judges learn how to throw out scores | Photo: Carter/PWA

Have you ever thought of judging maneuvers by some favorite freestyle windsurfers? It's not impossible. All you have to do is learn how to throw out scores, in a judging clinic.

The International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) and the European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) have teamed up to deliver a windsurf judging course. The goal is to set international standards of race management and freestyle windsurfing.

Many pro windsurfers have already experienced being "on the other side" of competition. It's not straightforward, but it is also rewarding and exciting. Judging windsurfers is very much developing an acute sense of fairness.

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Apparent wind: it always feels strong on your face | Photo: Carter/PWA

Why does the wind seem almost to disappear when you sail downwind and increase again when you sail upwind? Let's learn what apparent wind "feels" like.

Beginner and advanced sailors have already felt it, but they probably haven't thought about it. When we sail in stronger winds, we tend to feel that we're moving faster than we actually are.

This sensation occurs when we start feeling high winds on our face or on our skin. Apparent wind is exactly that. However, let's rewind our lesson a bit to the concept of true wind.

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Philip Köster: wave pusher | Photo: Carter/PWA

Philip Köster has tasted the power of Japan's most iconic windsurfing spots. The two-time PWA Wave world champion spent a few days sailing in Omaezaki Long Beach and Kikugawa Point.

Köster was invited to the "Land of the Rising Sun" by a group of hardcore Japanese windsurfing enthusiasts. They wanted to watch and learn with the wave sailing master.

The German, 21, showed why he is one of the best performers in the world by sailing in starboard tack conditions. And what do you expect from Philip Köster? That's it - huge stalled forwards, double forwards, and a personal collection of freestyle maneuvers.

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