Victor Fernandez: living the windsurfing lifestyle | Photo: Fanatic

Can windsurfing be a lifestyle and why does that matter? Henrik Beyer, windsurfing author and health promoter answers an eternal question.

We have all heard it and used the word "lifestyle" to describe windsurfing. It is apparent in the eyes of a newly-hooked sailor that there is something special in windsurfing. But is it a lifestyle on its own?

The word "lifestyle" is used to describe a way of life, a manner, a behaviour or conduct that an individual or a group of people has when living and existing. A lifestyle is characterized by vitality and energy since it is closely connected with life itself. Not even a windsurfer can have a lifestyle when he or she is dead. However, lifestyle will forever be a collection of intangible factors, too.

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Wind: know from where it is blowing | Photo: dr_tr/Creative Commons

Knowing the direction of the wind is critical to windsurfers and kiteboarders. There are many wind measurement methods; some of them are quite precise and accurate, some of them are just enough to sail away.

The wind compass is a simple and effective tool to know where the wind is blowing from. The information is given in letters (example: NE, SW), but the compass is usually divided into 360 degrees around the full circle. This will allow for more precise measurements.

Subtle changes in wind direction will have impacts on the way you sail. Although it not always possible to perfectly adjust to the right origin of the breeze, it is important to know different ways of checking wind direction wherever you are.

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BWA Tour: crazy windsurfing | Photo: Si Crowther

The British Wavesailing Association (BWA) has released the 2015 Tour calendar.

Time to get those sails out of the garage. The organization led by Geoff Hautman has introduced changes to the BWA Tour schedule, as the competition attracts an increasing number of participants.

"2015 starts with a change to recent tradition, in place of the Wales-Ireland double bill, we have extended the Wales event at Rhosneigr," explains Hautman, the BWA Tour director.

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