Thomas Traversa: challenging Nature in Cornwall

Thomas Traversa has conquered the Red Bull Storm Chase 2014, in Cornwall, England.

The ultimate storm windsurfer challenged gale winds of 70 knots, in cold water and 10-meter waves. Marcilio Browne secured the runner-up spot, with Leon Jamaer in third place and Dany Bruch in fourth position.

The third mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2014 broke all limits. The quality and style of the waveriding on display was outstanding, and England's West Country supplied everything needed.


Gerroa: offshore winds and transparent waves

The NSW Wavesailing Titles will be sailed in Gerroa, Australia, between 13th-16th February.

The best wave windsurfers in New South Wales will show their talented skills in a four-day event scheduled for Gerroa, with Werri and Windang Beaches serving as backup venues.

Sean O'Brien and Luke Baillie have been confirmed in the competition, but a large number of local stars will also be involved such as 20 year-old, rising talent Forrest Ladkin and established legend Brett Goodwin.


Thomas Traversa: ready for the Cornish challenge

The third mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2014 is on. The four finalists will battle the most extreme maritime conditions in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Competitors and crew are already traveling to the Cornish coast. The forecast is incredible, with predicted wind speed of up to 110 km/h (60 knots), and wave height up to 11 meters (35 feet).

The four finalists - Marcilio Browne, Dany Bruch, Thomas Traversa and Leon Jamaer - will give their best in an epic competition of man versus nature.