Kona World Championship 2015: windy races at Brouwersdam | Photo: Kona

Björn Holm and Isis Hoekstra have emerged victorious at the Kona World Championship 2015, held in Brouwersdam, Netherlands.

The Swedish windsurfer secured his third title after winning four out of 12 races. Holm, traveling all the way from Stockholm, is an experienced sailor who represented his country at the 1984 Olympic Games.

"I am very happy. This is my third world champion title and by far the toughest to conquer, with the highest level of competition. I have to admit that the final result would have been different with one more day of high winds," admits Björn Holm.

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Wind Surfer: a windsurfing game in 48K mode

The world's first windsurfing video game is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The "Wind Surfer" - later renamed as "Sea Surfer" - was developed and released by K'Soft, in 1986. How many of you played it back in the day?

Let's jump back to 1982. On the 21st April, British consumer electronics company Sinclair Research Ltd was releasing ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit personal home computer sold at between £125-175.

The ZX Spectrum was the UK equivalent of the US-made Commodore 64. It sold over five million units, with more than 24,000 software titles being released in the last three decades.

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Brouwersdam: the 2015 Kona Worlds race area | Photo: Carter/PWA

Up to 70 windsurfers are ready to fight for titles at the Kona World Championship 2015. The event runs at Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam, in Netherlands, from September 2nd-6th.

Kona One is a growing ISAF-recognized sailing class. The 10th edition of the competition will gather the best young and experienced windsurfers in a unique challenge where all sailors used identical boards.

Simultaneously, windsurfers are only allowed to make small adjustments in the sail, and only one sail is used in all weather conditions.

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