Finn Mullen: slightly pitted at Mullaghmore Head

There's an old question in windsurfing: can windsurfers get barreled? Technically and theoretically, they can. However, the quest has been treacherous and dangerous.

Getting barreled in surfing requires training and wave riding experience. Basically, you can get barreled in waist-high waves. That's it. The problem with windsurfing and barrels is a bit more complex.

First of all, for a windsurfer to get pitted, he/she will need a big wide wave. There's not much secret to it. You simply need a hollow wave that will cover up your mast and sail.

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Windsurfing: set your goals and live your life | Photo: PWA/Carter

Do we really need to set a specific goal for working out? Health promoter and author Henrik Beyer answers the classic question.

Since Aristotle set up gymnasiums around 460 year BC, we have looked for the quickest and the best way to get stronger and fitter with the goal of performing better in sports.

Windsurfers are no exception to this phenomenon. Specific performance-related goals can obviously be necessary for professional windsurfers. But setting specific goals may also create a culture of competition where it is not needed.

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Windsurfing: the first Lego kit was launched in 1992

Windsurfing has been a hit in the Lego world. The first ever windsurf Lego kit was designed and sold in 1992. It was named "Surf N' Sail Camper."

The truth is that Lego and action sports have always walked together. We've seen amazing surfing Lego creations, but we never knew if bricks got into windsurfing. The answer is "yes, for sure."

"Surf N' Sail Camper" was the first windsurfing Lego kit. Released in 1992, it featured a cool camper with trailer, windsurf board and sails. The set had 188 pieces.

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