Windsurfing: get your body in shape at home | Photo: Carter/PWA

How may windsurfers maintain their strength and cardiovascular fitness during on-season? Is windsurfing enough physical activity for preserving our health and fitness?

Windsurfers who feel healthy and fit just before the start of the season need to think about a few things regarding their physical fitness during the on-season.

With family and work obligations, and having to expect that the wind gods give us plenty of opportunities to sail, there may be weeks of insufficient physical activity during the windsurfing season. If we do not follow a flexible maintenance training program during the "official" season, we might lose some of our hard-earned strength and cardio fitness.

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Slalom windsurfing: crashes are part of the game | Photo: Carter/PWA

Can you imagine Formula 1 without rules? Would it be possible? The truth is that the fastest windsurfers on the planet compete on the PWA Slalom World Tour without any guidelines. Let's find out what happens under the "no-rules" law.

At world cup level, professional Slalom windsurfing is relatively straightforward. There are 64 athletes competing in eight heats of eight men each. The fastest four advance into the next round, and so on, until we reach an eight-man final.

You know you've got to be fast, confident and strong. And crashes happen all the time. In the past, sailors used to win and lose a lot of races in the protest room. So, in 2009, the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) decided to make a drastic movement.

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Victor Fernandez: he learns with Henrik Beyer | Photo: Carter/PWA

Health promoter, personal trainer and author Henrik Beyer is aiming to get even more windsurfers healthy and fit for windsurfing in the third edition of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing".

Beyer, who is also a contributing writer at, is passionate about helping sailors improve knowledge on health and fitness issues. The new edition of his book includes an exclusive interview with the wave sailing maestro Victor Fernández.

"When healthy and fit, professional windsurfers rapidly observe increased sailing performances and reduced injuries. For example, Victor Fernández López knows the importance of working out and keeping it fun and acknowledges the benefits of being assisted by personal trainers," underlines Henrik Beyer.

The third edition of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing" provides ready-made periodized strength and conditioning programs for amateur and professional windsurfers. The book guides you through two methodical and scientifically based 52-week training programs, as well as a 15-week intensive program.

Health & Fitness for Windsurfing: Henrik Beyer's third update

Additionally, it includes windsurfing articles, exercise descriptions, information about preventing injuries in windsurfing and recommendations regarding stretching, nutrition, warm-up and recovery.

Beyer's latest update will effectively improve your muscular strength, power and endurance, as well as cardiovascular fitness with the goal of improving performance and reducing injuries. You can also track your progress with an easy-to-use layout for recording details.

"Your success in training is important for me, and I am proud to have communication with my readers, to assist them towards greater windsurfing health and fitness," concludes Henrik Beyer.