Jono Dunnett: he spent three months circumnavigating Britain | Photo: Jono Dunnett/PA

Jono Dunnett has successfully completed the circumnavigation of Britain on a windsurfer.

The 41-year-old sailor is the first windsurfer to sail the 2200-mile (3540 kilometers) adventure unaided, and to carry all equipment he needed to survive. He spent 98 days sailing.

Dunnett kicked off his adventure on the 7th June, in Essex, and arrived at Clacton Pier on the 12th September. He challenged waves, had close encounters with ferries, crossed the Irish Sea, and even slept in an improvised tent made of his sail.

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Kevin Pritchard: nearly 40 and not wiser | Photo: Carter/PWA

Kevin Pritchard has a statement to make before turning 40. He is "Not Wiser."

The Californian windsurfer from Canyon Lake lives in Hawaii, but he is constantly chasing the world's best wind and waves. But, this time, Pritchard just wants to share his Hookipa sessions with all of us.

"You're always looking for that perfect turn, that perfect wave, and you'll never going to find it, no matter how hard you look. For me, windsurfing has always been my life for the last 25 years. It's been eating, sleeping and windsurfing," underlines Kevin.

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Windsurfing sails: learn how to repair minor damages | Photo: North Sails

It's quite easy to damage a windsurfing sail. If it happens, and you really need to know how to fix the problem, then learn how to do it properly.

Windsurfing sails are light and flexible. That is not an issue. They are designed and manufactured to be highly maneuverable so that they react to the sailors' decisions and resist the power of the wind.

You can make a windsurfing sail last longer. For example, knowing how to fold them is a precious money-saving technique. If you don't have time (or patience), the sail's monofilm and dacron parts will quickly degrade.

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