Matteo Iachino: a maiden victory inspired by Alberto Menegatti | Photo: Carter/PWA

Matteo Iachino has conquered the 2015 Catalunya PWA World Cup, in Costa Brava, Spain.

The Italian windsurfer dedicated his maiden PWA World Tour triumph to Alberto Menegatti, his fellow countryman, who passed away unexpectedly in February, 2015.

Arnon Dagan almost won the Spanish Slalom windsurfing event, but the Israeli made a premature start and was disqualified from race two. Dagan prayed for no wind, but the competition resumed, and Iachino saw a chance to steal the lead.

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2015 Pistol River Wash Bash: strong winds and a powerful swell | Photo: Lucky Beanz

Boujmaa Guilloul and Sarah Hauser have conquered the 2015 Pistol River Wash Bash, in Oregon.

The event enjoyed some of the most epic conditions of all time in an American Windsurfing Tour event. The riders were able to pull and land push loop forwards, vertical wave 360s, and double forwards throughout the entire competition, held in mast-high sets and challenging winds.

In the Pro Men's final, Boujmaa Guilloul and Camille Juban delivered a breathtaking windsurfing show on 3.7m sails. Despite Juban's two double forwards, the ride of the day went to Guilloul, who scored a Perfect 10 for his set of turns and 360 on a big wave.

"So happy winning the 2015 Pistol River Wash Bash and being held by two super mega talented windsurfers, who sailed like monsters. We had some serious conditions here at Pistol River," expressed Guilloul.

In the Pro Women's final, Sarah Hauser completely dominated the wild waves. Ingrid Larouche tried to answer with a big forward loop, but Hauser's wave management would prevail.

"Before I first came to Pistol River last year, I was anxious about windsurfing in cold water and onshore conditions. But somehow I fell in love with that place. Everything is huge: the rocks, the trees, the coastline, the sunsets, the wind, the waves, the current, the freezing water!" expressed Hauser.

Loftsails: spreading wings across the planet | Photo: Carter/PWA

Loftsails has announced it has partnered with Equipe Trading B.V. to enhance the brand value and oversee logistics to the company's distributor network.

Loftsails was founded in 2000 by Monty Spindler. The brand has been distributing its windsurfing products via a licensee, but Spindler has decided to change the course of the game.

The founder, originally from the USA, will now focus on product development with the clear goal of winning races, breaking records and producing sails that all windsurfers can benefit.

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