Foil windsurfing: the Toen Joop Nederpelt 1970s-1980s experiences

Toen Joop Nederpelt is one of the most influential personalities in the history of windsurfing. And 25 years ago, he was a pioneer of foil boarding.

We now know that, but back in the day, it was not easy to understand if it was worth it. Especially, when you had to "attach" the hydrofoil to the heavy windsurf boards.

Nederpelt was always busy thinking of the next big thing to do in windsurfing. Holland's first windsurfer was responsible for creating the world's longest windsurf board. His 18-meter windsurfer sailed away with nine sailors.

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Olga Maslivets: strong and fast in Palma | Photo: Renedo/SOFIA

Tom Squires and Olga Maslivets have claimed the gold medals at the 2016 Trofeo Princesa Sofia, held in Palma, Spain.

All eyes are now on the Rio 2016, as many European sailors run out of opportunities to qualify for the Summer Olympics. In the last day of regattas, there were tears of joy and despair.

For British RS:X athlete Tom Squires, who was recovering from a long flight back from Brazil, it was a challenging week, and his first ever win in the Old Continent.

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Indoor de France 2016: windsurfing at the Bercy Arena, in Paris | Photo: Indoor de France

Kauli Seadi and Alice Arutkin are the grand winners of the Indoor de France 2016, held at the Bercy Arena, in Paris.

The event attracted 140 media professionals from all over the world and had hundreds of fans watching on-site. Indoor de France was clearly a success and boosts the chances of having indoor windsurfing once again as part of the PWA World Tour.

The stars of the sport were there; the odd moments were there - especially when Robby Naish forget his harness in a semifinal heat - and the cable camera shots added that extra action sports feel to the whole contest.

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