Steering: learn how to change the trajectory of your windsurf board | Photo: Carter/PWA

There are many ways of changing the movement of the board in windsurfing. You can tack, jibe, turn 180 degrees, and steer the rig to guide your windsurfer in a different direction.

Steering is a basic windsurfing technique. You will need to master the art of steering to make subtle changes in trajectory while sailing. Always remember that the board will respond to the combination of your body and sail positions.

In windsurfing, steering is nothing more than just tilt the sail toward the front or back of your board. As a result, you will steer away from the wind (bearing away) or toward the wind (luffing up).

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Boujmaa Guilloul: attakcing the lip in Punta San Carlos | Photo: AWT

Boujmaa Guilloul and Sarah Hauser have taken out the Baja Desert Showdown 2016, in Punta San Carlos, Mexico.

The third stop on the 2016 American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) is a turning point in the season and, with only two stages to go, small changes in the leaderboard mean valuable points.

Four specialists made it to the final of the Pro Men's division - Jake Schettewi, Kevin Pritchard, Joey Sanchez, and Boujmaa Guilloul. Jake was the first to draw blood, but Guilloul promptly answered with his trademark airs and turns.

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Where the Sails Meet: an Italian windsurfing documentary with five talented sailors title=

"Where the Sails Meet" is more than a windsurfing documentary about five talented sailors. It's a beautiful portrait of how the wind can change the lives of young people.

Italian windsurfing films are rare, but the country is truly blessed with a long coastline and multiple wind patterns. Nevertheless, the movie focuses on Sant'Antioco, an island located in southwestern Sardinia.

Giovanni Passani, Nicolò Tagliafico, Gianluca Tamantini, Rossel Bertoldo, and Gigi Madeddu explore the spots at any hour of the day. You'll notice that 40-knot plus winds are more frequent than you'd imagine.

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