Windsurfing: sailors suffer between 1.2-1.5 injuries every year | Photo: JP Aloha Classic/Si Crowther

Research has shown that the average risk of injury in windsurfing is between 1.2-1.5 injuries every year. It's time to get those numbers down.

Windsurfers who compete in wave and slalom disciplines have the highest risk of injury (up to 2.0 injuries/person/year), whereas recreational sailors have an average of 1.2 injuries per year.

Health promoter and windsurfer Henrik Beyer highlights physical fitness in preventing windsurfing injuries and calls for industry involvement.


2014 Formula Windsurfing European Championships: welcome Viganj, Croatia

Sebastian Kordel is the new 2014 Formula Windsurfing European champion. The 23-year-old sailor from Germany discarded a fifth place in the final race held in Viganj, Croatia.

Kordel was also crowned winner of the Open Croatian Championship, leaving Casper Bouman and Philip Korczycki in the remaining podium places. A total of 60 windsurfers raced in Vinganj, despite unstable weather conditions all week long.

On the final day of competition, in sight of the majestic Queen Elizabeth that had just cruised into port, the flags fluttered into life and it was game on - a frenzy of activity with three back to back races, a short break, then two more races.


Ben Proffitt: spectacular forward loop | Photo: PWA/Carter

Ben Proffitt, Nicolas Akgazciyan and Thomas Traversa have claimed the top spots at the 2014 Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup, in Poland.

Just like eight years ago, Nicolas Akgazciyan stole the freestyle show in an indoor windsurfing pool. The French sailor rotated through a trademark switch chachoo and a big shaka 360 to win his division. Sarah-Quita Offringa stomped a stylish one-handed spock and a super quick double flaka to conquer the Women's freestyle contest.

In the fast Slalom races, Ben Proffitt showed why he is also one of the best windsurfers in the world. In the Polish National Stadium, he took a brilliant 2-1 victory over Akgazciyan. Lena Erdil successfully defended her better seeding against Zofia Klepacka, with an emphatic 2-0 victory.