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Traveling is at the essence of surfing. However, even the most adventurous surf trips require minimum preparation and planning.
Known for exploring and riding deep in the tube, Gerry Lopez is surfing's very own Yoda. Here are some fascinating life and career facts about Mr. Pipeline.
The "Birthplace of the Boogie" plaque, a tribute to Tom Morey's revolutionary invention, has been erected at Honl's Beach Park in Hawaii.
Tom Morey, who passed away peacefully on October 14, 2021, carefully prepared his funeral.
World Skate, the world governing body for the sport of skateboarding, announced the creation of an official skateboard facility certification.
The impossible is one of the most striking intermediate-to-advanced tricks in skateboarding. Learn how to do it.
Welcome to autumn, one of the most magical and ethereal seasons of the year. Discover the best quotes about fall.
Tarifa is a huge bay that features six miles (ten kilometers) of long sandy beaches. Discover the best kitesurfing spots in Europe's capital of wind.
Carlos Aldaravi has flown over the waters of Valdevaqueros Beach, in Tarifa, Spain, for more than a minute.
Robby Naish is probably the greatest windsurfer in the history of the sport. His career stats are absolutely impressive.
Body dragging is a classic old-school move and one of the first techniques beginners learn when getting into freestyle windsurfing.
As a skimboarder, I have recently visited Manasota Beach, a small beach located in Englewood, Florida.

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