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Site Statistics

Visits from 220 countries
Over 10 million visits
#1 leader in organic surf-related searches
Fans and followers on Facebook, InstagramTwitterPinterest, Linkedin, Threads, and YouTube


60% Men
40% Women

Average User Breakdown

18-24: 24.2%
25-34: 24.8%
35-44: 20.8%
45-54: 14.8%
55-64: 9.3%
+65: 6%

Continent Breakdown

Americas: 52%
Europe: 21.7%
Oceania: 8.6%
Asia: 14%
Africa: 3.7%

Advertising Units*

728x90 Leaderboard: €12 CPM
980x80 Leaderboard: €20 CPM
300x600 Skyscraper: €18 CPM
336x280 Large Rectangle: €18 CPM
300x250 Rectangle: €12 CPM
468x60 Banner: €8 CPM
468x15 Thin Banner: €6 CPM
336x280 Video Commercial: €30 CPM
300x250 Video Commercial: €27 CPM

* The kick-off campaign must have at least 100,000 impressions. Example: 100K Impressions x €12 CPM (728x90 Leaderboard) = €1,200

Promoted/Sponsored Content and Backlinks

Not available (includes posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Threads, and YouTube).

Page Sponsoring

750x90 Banner > €750/month

Ad Networks

SurferToday is a member of the Google Adwords network.

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Finally, select 'Add placement' to include in your marketing plan.

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