Surfboard Manufacturers

A surfboard shaper is someone who designs and builds boards for surfing.

There are hundreds of thousands of surf craftsmen in the world. Check out the most important surfboard manufacturers, shapers, and brands:

Aipa Surfboards
Album Surfboards
Alter Ego Surfboards
Alva Surf Craft
Anderson Surfboards
Andreini Surfboards
Arctic Foam
Aryse / Ryan Sakal Surfboards
Ashley Lloyd Surfboards
Barry Snyder Surfboards
Beach Beat
BIC Sport
BING Surfboards
Bio Foam Technologies
Black Rose MFG
Blackbird Surfboards
Bonzer Bros
Channel Islands Surfboards
Channel Islands/Al Merrick
Chemistry Surfboards
Christenson Surfboards
CJ Nelson Designs
Cooperfish Surfboards
Danny Hess Surfboards
Davenport Surfboards
Dewey Weber Surfboards
Dick Brewer Surfboards
Douglas Surf Products
Earth Tech Surf
Epoxy Pro XTR Surfboards
FCD Surfboards
Firewire Surfboards
Foils by Kings Paddle Sports
Freeline Surfboards
G&S Surfboards
Gerry Lopez Surfboards
Greg Noll
Hack Surfboards
Hank Byzak Surfboards
Hank Warner Surfboards
Hansens Surfboards
Harley Ingleby Designs
Haut Surfboards
Hawaiian Island Creations
Hayward Bros. Surfboards
Hobie Surfboards
Hot Buttered
Hot Rod Surf
INT Soft-boards
Iron Cross Surfboards
Josh Hall Surfboards
JS Surfboards
Kazuma Surfboards
Liddle Surfboards
Lightning Bolt Surfboards
Linden Surfboards
Lost Surfboards
Lovelace Surf Craft
Mark Richards Surfboards
Matt Moore Surfboards
Maurice Cole
Maurice Cole Surfboards
Michael Takayama Surfboards
Michel Junod Surfboards
Millennium Foam
Mitsven Surfboards
NanoPoxy Surf Systems
Natural Art Surfboards
Nectar Surfboards
One80 Surfboards
Pat Rawson Surfboards
Pat Taylor Surfboards
Paul Surf
Pelican Surfcraft
Pyzel Surfboards
Rich Price Surf Designs
Ricky Carroll Surfboards
Rob Machado Surfboards
Route One Surfboards
Roy Sanchez Surfboards
Rozbern Surfboards
Rusty Surfboards
Ryan Burch Surfboards
Sharp Eye Surfboards
Simon Anderson Surfboards
Slater Designs
Solid Surfboards
Stu Kenson Surfboards
Sunova Surfboards
Surfboards by Donald Takayama
Surfer Boards by Brink
Surftech USA
Thunderbolt Surfboards
Timmy Patterson Surfboards
Tomo Surfboards
Torq Surfboards
Town and Country
Trim Craft Surfboards
US Blanks
Varial Surf Technologies
Ward Coffey Surfboards
Wave Riding Vehicles
Wayne Lynch Surfboards
Wayne Rich Surfboards
Whisnant Surfboards
Wuux Surfboards
Yater Surfboards
Zen Surfboards


Surfboard Core Materials

A surfboard can be made of Polyurethane Foam and Fiberglass, Epoxy, Carbon Fibre and Balsa Wood.

The most common shaping core is the Polyurethane Foam, a non-ecological surf material.

Learn how to shape a surfboard.

Check the surfboard size chart for your weight.

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