Alex Uranga: back for good

Alex Uranga has claimed the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2014, at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

The big wave bodyboarding event was held in shifting wave and wind conditions. The early morning waves were pumping in the four-to-eight foot range. Later in the swell dropped, but it was all still very contestable.

As the competition entered the final stages, waves got bigger, and adrenaline levels kicked in. The power of Nazaré has been confirmed, once again, this time with some of the best bodyboarders in the planet.

The jet ski team had a particularly busy day. Competitors would finish their rides, and had to battle strong currents and heavy close-outs before returning to the line-up.

The Portuguese contingent kept its composure in the physically demanding arena. Tiago Silva, Dino Carmo and Jaime Jesus managed to reach the finals.

The winner of the Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2014 was only announced in the award's ceremony. Uranga got first by a narrow margin. The former world champion Pierre-Louis Costes was runner-up, and Tiago Silva celebrated bronze.

Sumol Nazaré Special Edition 2014 Results:

1. Alex Uranga - 37,5
2. Pierre Louis Costes - 35
3. Tiago Silva - 33
4. Dino Carmo 25,5
5. Amaury Lavernhe - 24,5
6. Jaime Jesus - 23,1

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