Eddie Read: he knows how to do it

Eddie Read has claimed the second round of the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarding Association 2014 Tour, at Tuncurry Beach.

A beautiful Autumn day, sunshine, warm water, and clean offshore waves for most of the day greeted riders. It was time to decide in which division each competitor would spend the rest of the year.

The presence of the Pom and former world tour competitor Eddie Read was bound to push the local boys to lift their riding, and they didn't disappoint.

Adam Douglas put his local knowledge to use early on with near flawless barrel riding and rolling out cleanly off the end sections. Kallan Bragg also impressed with a clean floating reverse.

Josh Griffin showed that a lot off time spent in the water pays off by launching an ARS off nearly any wave that would allow it.

The experience and clean surfing of Eddie saw him take out the Open final, with Josh Griffin in very close second, Jacob Dunn in third and Kallan Bragg in fourth.

The A division was taken out by Stuart Crookston and Dylon Southern finishing in equal first, with Jeremy Coombes, Blake Sky and Kurt Bennet coming in equal second.

Strong surfing all day by Jacob Dunn with very clean rolls on the Tuncurry lefts saw him take out the AA final.

In the Women's division, France Hazar's experience and clean lines paid off, just nudging out Eve Albury and notching up another first.

The Drop Knee riders took advantage of an early final in clean conditions to put on an impressive display of skills.

Adam Cheers took out the final with Jake Lightenberg and Kallan Bragg close behind him in second and third respectively.

1. Eddie Read
2. Josh Griffin
3. Jacob Dunn
4. Kallan Bragg

A Division:
1. Stuart Crookston and Dylon Southern
2. Jeremy Coombes, Blake Sky and Kurt Bennett

AA Division:
1. Jacob Dunn
2. Brody Hill
3. Logan Morgan
4. Anthony Murphy

1. Ben Fletcher
2. Aaron Dodds
3. William Kennedy
4. Jim Crooston and Simon Patterson

1. France Hazar
2. Eve Albury

Drop Knee:
1. Adam Cheers
2. Jake Ligtenberg
3. Kallan Bruce Bragg
4. Ben Fletcher

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