Knights Beach Pro: that will hurt

The Raw Knights Beach Pro 2014 will hit South Australia, between 10th-11th May.

A stellar field is expected to roll up for one of the favorite stops on the tour including the current ratings leader Lachlan Cramsie.

Lachie has been a roll lately, and last year finished runner-up to Knights Beach local Marshall Watson, in an exciting final. Hot off a recent win at the NMD Dbah Pro, Cramsie will look to try go one better in South Australia.

"Winning this contest is definitely one of my goals. I love the wave. It's so powerful and the whole set up for the contest is amazing," says Lachlan Cramsie.

Along with the Pro event, South Australia's best amateur riders will line up for the South Australia State round that will ultimately determine the team for this year's National titles, in Coffs Harbour, in November.

The Raw Knights Beach Pro is the second stop on the Australian Bodyboarding Association Tour 2014.

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