Mike Stewart: ready to roll at 51

Mike Stewart is a living legend. But that doesn't mean he isn't playing at the highest level. At 51, the Hawaiian waterman is still contributing to the evolution of professional bodyboarding.

Stewart is in shape. The way he positions himself on a bodyboard says it all. Lean, fast and competitive after nine world titles and multiple event victories.

"Mike Stewart: Mini Documentary", a short film by Kainoa Mattos, shows us the best bodyboarder of all time getting barreled at Pipeline, as if he was having a morning coffee.

"I dreamt of living a lifestyle that I could spend as much time as I do in the water, but I didn't know if it was possible," explains Stewart.

"I spend a lot of my life in the ocean. I go to the ocean to train, to compete, and more importantly I go there for sanity, to get grounded again."

"I feel that I'm in perfect shape, right now, and able to still surf at high level. So I want to continue to do that, and hopefully I can add something to the creative collective of what's going on in the water."

Mike Stewart was born on the 17th May, 1963, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Discover his most famous quotes.

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