Jake Stone: aerial contrast

Jake Stone stole the show at the 2014 Good Earth Mandurah Pro, held Western Australia.

The third stage of the Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) Tour 2014 marked a critical point for all contenders. Defending Rebel Pro Tour champion Lachlan Cramsie and Joe Clarke were focusing on a big win to run for presidency, but Stone had other plans.

With Clarke losing a first round elimination at Mandurah, his chances for 2014 were hurt. The second day of competition started with flawless performances from Jake Stone. His positioning and timing were impeccable.

Dave Winchester was also in devastating form, finding some punchy ramps and elusive tubes in the mushy one-meter swell on offer at Pyramids.

The 25-minute final hit the water with a hardcore army of spectators braving the passing showers to watch some of the world's best, on home turf. Cramsie, Stone and Winchester traded early blows, but it was Jake Stone who stepped forward with a number of solid scores for backflips, and looked seemingly to have the final sewn up.

With less than 10 seconds on the clock, crowd favorite George Humphreys boosted into the move of the contest when he flipped off a solid closeout and landed perfectly in the flats.

The crowd went mad, and it seemed like forever before the announcement. Humphreys needed a 9.6, scored 9.5, and moved from fourth to second in one fowl swoop.

Jake Stone slides up towards the top of the rankings and gives himself a decent shot at the title. George Humphreys was runner up, followed by Cramsie and Winchester.

"It's been a while since I won one of these things. I'll definitely be at Mystics. It's a great wave and will be an interesting end to the ABA Pro Tour," says Stone.

2014 Good Earth Mandurah Pro Results

1. Jake Stone
2. George Humphries
3. Lachlan Cramsie
4. Dave Winchester

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